The Netherlands                 

1.Extrude, 2009 self-portrait + youth portrait on aluminum 127X45 cm, limited edition of 5, Euro 525     2.Exude 1, 2009 portrait, youth portrait on aluminum 35x100 cm. Euro 295  3.It's time, 2009 self-portrait on aluminum 35x35 cm., limited edition of 5, Euro 145     4.Transit, 2009 self portrait in light box 70x100 cm, limited edition of 3, Euro 2750


















About the "expedition" series: The expedition series was first shown at the international Noorderlicht Photography festival in 2009. Theme of that edition: 'Human Conditions'. Central theme in the expedition story is the conflict to gain autonomy, the path from head to heart. Other human themes that speak from the images are: fear, change, loneliness, desire, contact and connection. conects these themes to a process of self-realisation. Fot the expediton-series she used selfportraits and youthportraits of herself made by her father. There are different ways to consume the images; as a personal story of the photographer and/or as the expression of universal conditions that can be recognised by many people. Surely there are countless other ways to look at the photographs, depending on your individual perspective and observation. Everybody has/creates their own reality...