Anna Khadine  USA                 

1.Childhood Memories, oil on canvas 14"x18"     2.Abstract Shapes I, oil on canvas 17 x24"    3.Nude Study VI, Oil on canvas 32"x48"    4.Nude Study VI, Oil on canvas 24"x36"    5.Jade Reflections, oil on board 15"x20"    6.The Rival, oil on canvas 24”x30”,    7.Touch of Desire, oils on canvas 24”x32”     8.Faces, oil on canvas 24”x30”  9.The Beginning, inks on paper 14”x19” /mounted & frame with glass 23”x29”    10.Child with Ball & Cat, oil on canvas 20”x”24”    11.Untitled Abstract, oils on canvas 24”x36”,    12.American Abstraction, oil on canvas 15"x10"