Bedriska ZNOJEMSKA, Czech Republic

1.Soul and Body, 2016 oil 75x40 cm., US$ 2,500.00  2.Gate to Paradise, 2016 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,400.00   3.Mystery of the Cross, 2016 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,400.00  4.Vision, 2016 oil 50x90 cm., US$ 3,000.00   5.Solstice, 2014 oil 50x50 cm., US$ 1,500.00   6.Pure One, 2015 oil 75x50 cm., US$ 2,200.00   7.Season of White Roses, 2016 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,100.00   8.Waiting, 2015 oil 50x40 cm., US$ 1,500.00   9.Man and Woman, 2016 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,300.00   10.Poet and his „Muse“, 2015 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,200.00   11.Seed of the New Age, 2015 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,300.00   12.Alma Mater, 2000 oil 50x70 cm., US$ 2,000.00



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Artist & Painter
Bedriska Znojemska her real name is Bozena Krejcova, née Fritzova, born on 02.06.1928 in Znojmo -hence her pseudonym- Znojemska After finishing her studies at lycée, she went on studying medicine. At the same time she attended a school of painting at the studio of the artist Emanuel Frinta. During the political check ups in this country in 1949 she was excluded from all type of universities. However she carried on with her studies of painting at E. Frinta's studio, later at the studio of F. Ketzk /department of figure and composition. She worked as an art editor at a publisher, later as an advertising artist. She applied her drawings for newspaper. After getting married to Borivoj Krejci they started cooperating on bells decoration – Borivoj as carver, Bedriska as a painter. They worked on designs and realization of new altars, pulpits, seats, windowpanes, wall paintings, Station of the Cross and renewal of sacred places. Besides, Mrs. Znojemska set herself primarily to free work. Her paintings were traversing the whole country to people oppressed by the communist and so for atheistic regime. A moral and spiritual content of her work has been a prevailing topic until these days. Around 50 exhibitions at home, around 15 exhibitions abroad – Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, England, California USA. Presentation at team exhibitions of miniatures, drawings, post stamps the exhibition of Woman Painter and private collections.

In the painting of Bedriska Znojemska we find several aesthetic nuances which diverge from one source - the modern symbolism. The painter takes the road of lyrical reflection which is an essential feature of her paintings. Another nuance of expression is for Bedriska Znojemska the romantic symbolism. And finally it is Surrealist symbolism which provokes subconscious ideas, the fantasy of inner images. It is the question of the search for “super reality”. In order to understand the specificity of the style of Bedriska Znojemska we must also emphasize her masterly work with the paints for she has acquired an entirely original technique of work with the paint. Expert analysis shows that the modern symbolism of Bedriska Znojemska is beautiful and majestic in many respects. Represented by Art Addiction Internet Art Museum:

Born June 2, 1928 in Znojmo, the Czech Republic
Address: Rytirova 813, 143 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

• Around 50 exhibitions in the Czech Republic
• Switzerland (Zurich)
• Italy (Pordeone)
• Portugal (Barreiro)
• France
• Canada
• Sweden
• Germany
• New York
• The Cleveland International Graphic Biennial, Cleveland
• London

• Gold medal Winner to the Art Addiction International Prize "Most Talented Artists", Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
• Third Prize Winner / Diploma to the art Addiction 1st Drawing Contest "World of Art", Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
• Silver medal in Prague

• Private studies by academic painters Frantisek Ketzek and Emanuel Frinta in Prague

• She was brought mystic, poetic and spiritual beauty to Czech painting. In today's too sophisticated world, full of brutality and doubtful values, a visit of the exhibition hall with her pictures is very soothing for one's soul …