Cindy Avroch, USA

1.Tulip Trip, 2014 oil on canvas 30x30 in., US $ 4,800.00 (framed)   2.Coral Denim, 2014 oil on canvas 32x32 in., US $ 5,000.00 (framed)   3.Chiffon, 2014 oil on canvas 30x40 in., US $ 4,000.00 (framed)  4.Place of Life, 2014 gauche 7x9 in., US $ 100.00 (framed)



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About the Artist
Cindy Avroch is a multi-talented artist who began her career by following in her mother’s artistic footsteps. Among her earlier accomplishments, she received a degree in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and a scholarship to study at Winchester School of Art in England.

Cindy worked for many years as a studio artist and then an art director in New York City’s fashion industry. Her designs could be found in major department stores and specialty shops across the country. Working directly with the Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros., United Media and Nickelodeon, she created licensed print collections for the men’s, women’s and children’s clothing markets. Her unique approach and vision, refusing to be locked into a singular form of expression, enabled her to create and direct the artists on her team to develop collections that doubled and tripled sales for the companies that employed her.

She left the fashion industry to care for her special needs second son and found herself a stay at home mom for the first time. She began designing fine art lighting and coordinated decoupage tabletop accessories, utilizing her original artwork. Commissioned to create collections for the Chicago and Longwood Botanical Gardens, The Newseum in Washington, DC, 13 aquariums in the United States and a holiday program for Saks 5th Avenue, it wasn’t long before her artwork sold in high-end gift and home décor stores nationwide.

But Cindy’s first love was always drawing, painting and sculpting. When faced with the decision at an early age to become a dancer or an artist, Cindy chose artist, feeling she could paint and sculpt forever and that a dancer’s career would be too short lived. While other little girls could be seen carrying Barbie dolls around, Cindy would be juggling a sketchbook, pencils and an eraser in her hands. During the latter part of her career as an art director, the computer became the commercial artist’s principal tool. Nevertheless, when hiring new artists for her team, Cindy would still ask each candidate to draw free-hand for her, often not hiring those who couldn’t.

In Cindy’s work, you can see a celebration both of the real and the imaginative. Her eye for detail, precision, composition and color explain why her drawings and paintings have been described as “spot on.” She is from the school of thought that in order to be a great abstract painter, you must be a traditional one first. This is why on any given day, you can catch Cindy in her studio working on a captivating sculpture or mixed media piece, while waiting for the layers of one of her realistic oil paintings to dry. Keeping these skills sharp, she continues to move her work forward by embracing new techniques and mediums. Her training in the fashion industry has disciplined her well and has enabled her to stay fresh and new. She also visits The Art Students League in New York, taking workshops and seminars to learn something new, or just to listen to one of talented and respected artists speak.

Cindy resides in Manhattan with her two sons, who she describes as “her best creations,” husband and her puppy Lenny, who is also her studio-mate. The two can be found at least 5 days a week at her studio in Long Island City, just across the East River.

Artist's Statement
          “Anyone who says you can’t see a thought, simply doesn’t know art.” (Wynetka Ann Reynolds, zoologist and university administrator).
There came a time I had to decide whether to become a professional dancer or an artist. I knew I could probably dance until the age of 30. I realized I could paint and sculpt forever. I chose “artist.”
I begin each piece from the inside out, from a feeling that I have about something or someone in my life, somewhere I’d rather be or have been. I am in awe of all the beauty that surrounds us in this world. From the lines of a beautiful building, to the sea, the fields of Provence, or the smile of a child that has mastered something difficult. When I work with paint I am reminded that my colors, are my words. The layers upon layers build paragraphs that begin to tell a story. When I work with sculpture, I am reminded that my textures, curves and finishes, speak for me. These pieces not only send a message, but show how my body is feeling as well. I feel that when my work is going well, my thoughts are conveyed clearly as if words on a piece of paper. My favorite tool are my hands, my favorite material is anything I’m working with at the time. Although I may use a variety of materials and processes, my result is always consistent.  When people see my work, I’d like them to identify with my happiness and my conflicts and remember that communication, whether in words or art is precious. I know a piece is done when what is inside of me, is now in front of me. My thought and emotion has now taken on artistic form.