Despina Papadopoulou Greece / germany                 

1.Face of a child, acrylic and relief paste on canvas 100x70 cm.     2.Selbstbildnis, James Ensor und die Masken, acrylic and Touch on canvas 213x200 cm.     3.The Pain. A Life without him is not possible, and a life with him is often unbearable!, acrylic and Touch on canvas 200x200 cm.     4.Why do you bleed? Female Genital Mutilation, acrylic and Touch on canvas 200x116 cm




















I come from Greece and I live in Germany. I am a self tough painter. My artworks" the deeply wounded being" stands for the aim of my whole artistic work. Therefore my paintings expresses my philosophical and... more artistic mission in a very specific way. My Art is aimed at pointing out the daily violation of elementary rights of humans in our world. We all long for a world, in which human beings are living together in peace, treat each other with consideration and respect, in which the dignity of human being is esteemed!