Eliora Bousquet France                 
1. Cavalcade, 2010 acrylic on Canvas 80X60 cm, $4200 US    2. Celestial Chrysalis, 2009 acrylic on Canvas 55X46 cm, nfS    3. In The Garden of Delights, 2010 acrylic on Canvas 50X50 cm, $3500 US    4. Kindred Spirits, 2009 acrylic on Canvas 60X60 cm, nfs    5. Oceanic Harmony, 2009 acrylic on Canvas 46X55 cm, $2780 US    6. Reaching for Kouen Louen, 2010 acrylic on Canvas 60X80 cm, $4200 US    7. Jade Dream 2010 acrylic on Canvas 80X60 cm, $4200 US    8. Reed Song, 2011 acrylic on Canvas 90X70 cm, nfs    9. The Nest, 2010 acrylic on Canvas 60X60 cm, $3200 US






































Eliora Bousquet is a French Painter, born in 1970. She started painting at the age of 7 and has specialized through the years in abstract lyrical, visionary, symbolist and expressionist art. Finding most of her inspiration in romantic poetry, nature and music - mainly classical and jazz -, she has always considered painting as a form of language per se stemming from the musicality of the world, with its own rhythm and tempo and movement, associating shapes and colors to form a harmonious ensemble. Granted, a language without a voice, but unencumbered by the limitations of that voice - an art form this gave her complete freedom of expression. However if her paintings could be put to music, what you would hear would be closer to jazz than to classical music - an impulsive music, instinctive yet controlled, and improvised around a leading theme; a music all at once gentle, daring and unpredictable, and full of meaning. In the same fashion as jazz music, the true and full messages and symbols of a painting are rarely accessible at first glance? You can never tell how many layers and themes will appear, unless you are prepared to study the composition to the full.
For colors to work harmoniously, they must vibrate and dance on the canvas like so many notes dotted on the score of Life. Eliora’s paintings burst with life, associating color and movement in a vibrant, seemingly instinctive manner - they call on one’s senses to vibrate in unison.

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