Grady Zeeman South Africa

1.Emotional Hooks, 2009 oil on canvas 400x500 cm. US$500   2.Losing Power, 2009 oil on canvas 400x500 cm. US$500   3.Past and Future, 2009 oil on canvas 400x500 cm. US$500   4.Walking Away, 2009 oil on canvas 400x500 cm. US$500



















These paintings are all connected with my own experience and deep emotional journey. With the increasing number of women diagnosed with breast cancer, I have looked at different angles which could enhance this alarming tendency. Apart from the way we live and eat, I have come to the conclusion through intensive study that emotions play a vital part as well. Further studies into the energy fields, or chakras have opened new possibilities to me. The heart chakra runs across the breast and so many emotions run through that area. Women’s breasts are also there for nurturing, but we tend to nurture emotionally as well –our children, our partners, the community we live in. This puts a lot of strain on the heart energy field, and we tend to lose some of our energy there. Lumps symbolize, lack of flow which we also do on an emotional basis when we try too hard to balance every aspect of our lives. Living a life of harmony with God, oneself and those around you, might help to create a flowing energy field once again.