Irma Michaela Szalkay Austria                 
1.Icon Myth Eros-Pathos Venice: Spring, 2010 Acrylic mixed media on canvas 30x30 cm.    2.Icon Myth Eros-Pathos Venice: Summer, 2010 Acrylic mixed media on canvas 30x30 cm.    3.Icon Myth Eros-Pathos Venice: Autumn, 2010 Acrylic mixed media on canvas 30x30 cm.    4.Myth Eros-Pathos Venice: Winter, 2010 Acrylic mixed media on canvas 30x30 cm.



















For Irma, creating art – like her dedicated ‘Cycles’ – is like writing a thesis: Philosophical entities get expressed in terms of colour and shape by mans of a thorough intellectual process. She would start developing ideas, and sometimes corresponding innovative techniques, by study and reflection of the area of interest (hence ‘Reflexionism’), collect pertinent material, identify fitting musical backgrounds, and create a mental concept in the process. The essence of this approach is to imagine a specific theme with the full spectre of its philosophical underpinnings (‘Philosophy of Shape’). Abstraktion mit Pathos lies at the very heart of this technique, combining elements of philosophy, myth and harmony. The observer is supposed to communicate with the artwork in a way that allows him or her to explore deeper aspects of individual feelings, visions, and dreams. Irma’s work is based on her background as a university-trained philosopher (Ph.D. 1993). Influenced by various schools of art, she visited numerous museums and galleries, and explored the background of artworks in terms of their philosophical and physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Her acrylic mixed media on canvas items may be as small a 4” x 4”, and paintings as large as 20” x 79”.

Irma M. Hinghofer-Szalkay, PhD