Jarmila Kadlecikova Slovakia                 

1.Garden, 2012 oil painting on board 104x75 cm. Eur1,100.00    2.Come will play, 2013 oil painting on board 99x70 cm. Eur 1,200.00    3.One grace, 2012 oil painting 40x50 cm. Eur 500     4.Through non visible, 2011 oil painting on canvas 105x78 cm. Eur 1,000.00



















Jarmila Kadlecikova born 11.03.1983 in Slovakia use different kind of techniques like oil painting,aquarel,ink drawing,mixed media.Surrealistic view of the world with dreams and erotic symbols take you to the places where you can find small secrets even of your own personality.Beauty of human body mixed with natural elements gives to the each picture special form.