Jasmine Mansbridge Australia                 
1.You and Me, As in art, 2010 acrylic on linen 70x40cm. $500 aus.    2.Totally wrapped up in you, 2010 acrylic on linen 84x55cm. $700 aus.    3.Unchain My Heart, 2010 acrylic on linen 84x55cm. $700 aus.    4.Busy, 2010 studio photography



















My name is Jasmine Mansbridge. I have lived around Australia, currently I reside in Glen Innes New South Wales. I am a 31 year old painter. I have a website which can be seen some of my previous artwork. I am working on an exhibition at the moment and so have several new pieces to enter into your competition. My website is at heartstartart.com. Please take the time to view my website for more information about myself and my art, which is my consuming passion.

I will now attach my paintings:
“Totally wrapped up in you”: This piece has been painted with acrylic paint on unprimed
Belgium linen. The image of the octopus serves to reinforce the text and title of the painting. I am finding myself increasingly absorbed with the connection between words and images and the need for one to be complimented by the other. I am enticed by the beauty of mosaic and this often comes into my work. I like the surface to be controlled and balanced.
“Unchain My Heart”: This painting for me is an exercise in simplicity, trying to say so much with so little. It is expressed in the intense separation of the opposing colors, yellow and blue. These colors push and pull, just like the heart in love, the need for balance is great, though it can be so hard to find.
“You and Me, as in art”: The heart in life is fraught with danger when in love, the grand prix, black and white and the entanglement of the text represents the intensity of feeling when in love. The image, supported by the text indicates great involvement on both an external and internal level. This painting attempts to capture that intensity with both its color and movement. (Jasmine Mansbridg)