Jenny Bennett, New Zealand

1.From my Room - Then, 2013 oil on linen 90x90 cm. US$ 3,510.00   2.Ocean Beach 1, Whangarei, 2010 oil on linen 120x100 cm.   3.Ocean Beach 3, whangarei, 2013 oil on canvas 60.5x91 cm. US$ 2,925.00   4.South Medlands - Great Barrier Island, 2009 oil on linen 100x75 cm. US$ 5,200.00   5.Water Painting. 2010 oil on canvas 100x100 cm. US$ 9,200.00   6.Whangapoua - great barrier island, 2011 oil on canvas 90x90 cm. US$ 2,500.00   7.Linear Conversation, 2015 oil on board 70 cm diameter. NFS   8.Gardenia on Indigo, 2016 oil on canvas 90x70 cm. US$ 1,800.00   9.Kaitoki Walk, Great Barrier Island. 2013 oil on canvas 90x90 cm. US$ 3,800.00



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Jenny Bennett, a New Zealander, was born McLellan in 1950,in Hastings, New Zealand, and had a rural childhood. She later graduated with an M.A. (hons) anthropology, from Otago and Auckland Universities and moved to the city of Whangarei where she still lives. Bennett began painting in 1976 after the birth of her first child, and has explored a wide range of media and techniques, print making, clay sculpture, puppetry/ performance, flax weaving, pastel work and collage. Bennett’s first exhibition was in 1976 and continued to show nationally and internationally. She was selected for and won various art awards and commissions. Bennett has served on arts boards, judging panels and as part of mentoring programmes. Bennett regards overseas travel as important and values viewing great art and architecture history while travelling. She participated in the 2007 Florence biennale, and the Chianciano Biennale in 2009, 2011 and 2015. Bennett has also taken part in the Power of Perception and Art Expo in New York. After several years of exploring various themes, mainly landscapes, Bennett says it is exciting to begin a new series of exploring flora, new colours and abstraction work for the London Biennale in 2017.