Robin Antar  USA                 

1.Heinz, 2010 Carved red Travertine 24x8x8 in. US$ 36,000    2.Hat, 2010 carved limestone 7x16x14 in. US $ 36,000    3.Jacket, 2005 carved limestone and oils 27x23x7in. US $ 126,000     4.Milano cookies, 2002 carved marble 4.5x18x8 in, US $ 52,000    5.Untying the knot, 2009 Carved blue onyx 29x15x10 in. US$ 36,000    6.Boxing Gloves, Carved Carrara Marble 7x14x14 in. US$ 72,000     7.The Thinker, 2010 carved Honey Cone Calcite 18x18x18 in. US $ 36,000    8.D Knot 1, 2010 carved marble 17x17x40 in. US $ 63,000    9.Work Boot with rivets, 2010 Carved limestone 6.5x11.5x4.5 in. Sold







































My passion as a sculptor involves a technique I uncovered more than 20 years ago — the precise art of creating "virtual records" of contemporary culture — capturing common, everyday items in stone. Essentially, I replicate these items on a real life-scale, complete with meticulous detail. I achieve this absolute realism by incorporating parts of the actual object, as well as custom-made stains, paints, plastics and gold leaf. It's more than art imitating life, it's art mirroring life.