Sarah Dukes Tunnell USA                 

1.WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!, 2007 – Present, paper poster 24x36 in., Individual poster $13 (Notes: 2007 began the yearly tradition of plastering lower Manhattan with WE WILL NEVER FORGET!! posters for the holiday of September 11)     2.Kittifest!, 2007 digital images 8x12 in., limited edition video $2500 (Notes: Over 11 cats in the NYC metro area were invited to the first biennial. Only four kitties could make it to the extravaganza, but there was more than enough pussy to go around. Festivities included for the humans, sushi and pot brownies cat turds, while the kitties enjoyed a three layered cat food cake, an animal sacrifice, and the “Best at Kittifest!” competition). .    3.Kittifest!, 2007 video stills, limited edition video $2500 (Notes: same notes as Image 8) .   4.Men at Work, 2006 Assistants, digital prints, wax, wood, paint, digital prints: 40” x 60”, sculpture 12x8x168 in., NFS (Notes: Out of work manual laborers cast the same fragile object over and over again for $12 an hour, 40hrs a week, for 4 weeks in my student provided studio).    5.I Got a Tattoo, 2006 craigslist post, digital images 6 – 12x12 in. digital photographs by Margie Photo, Granite Bay, CA, $1500 (Notes: Craigslist post: I will pay a shark bit victim $500 to get a tattoo of a shark on their missing limb. In turn I will get a tattoo of a barnacle on my slightly deformed finger. Serious Inquires only “ was posted throughout 45 major cities worldwide. Within two months I was in contact with an ex surfer in Sacramento, CA)     6.The Family Jewels, 2006 Daddy’s bronze gold leafed testicles, Plexiglas, wood, paint, velvet 12x12x48 in., $7500    7.Drinking Problem, 2005 Digital Print 8x12 in., Paid $20 by check, 9/20/05., $300   8.Target Lesson, 2004 building materials, paint, floor tiles, found objects 8x12 ft., NFS (Notes: Installation of a wood paneled basement and a skewed-scale classroom)    9.Massachusetts Marriage, 2005, NFS (Notes: Soon after Gay Marriage passed in Massachusetts Stephanie Rosenberg and I married on May 22, 2005. This was collaboration)..   10.The Fabulous Festival of Lights, 2005 returnable outdoor Christmas decorations, fence materials, 8-seated golf cart, megaphone, stereo playing “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by NYSYNC, 12x24 ft., NFS (Notes: 12-second tours of the festival were given for three evenings in late December)