Shokofeh Ghafari, IRAN

1.Pixel collection, 2014 ACRYLIC on canvas 130x150 in., US$ 5,000.00  2.Pixel collection, 2014 ACRYLIC on canvas 100x50 in., US$ 3,500.00  3.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 120x150 in., US$ 4,000.00. 4.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 120x120 in., US$ 3,000.00  5.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 120x120 in., US$ 3,000.00  6.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 120x120 in., US$ 3,000.00  7.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 100x80 in., US$ 3,500.00   8.Pixel collection, 2013 ACRYLIC on canvas 100x150 in., US$ 2,000.00



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‘Lost in the images, as beliefs become clichés and it would be impossible to distinguish them... Pictures which surpass and go beyond reality and recur incessantly... "|Media turns to be the message". Its sense becomes superficial as well as escaping from its origin, turning into "severe reality"... It gets a new definition and what was considered real, loses its holiness. That is when it cannot be denied, its root becomes fuzzier and the discovering of its reality becomes more difficult.At last, these decorated pictures answer positively to the terminal1 of the mankind and water it with the incurable.` (Terminal: something more real than reality; something artificial which can depict reality much better than a real thing.)


My name is Shokoofeh Ghafari. I have studied painting in Iran and i had many exhibitions here. I also had participated in several art workshops one year prior attending at the university. One of which was associated with Tehran Contemporary Art Museum activities, in regard to promoting art in the society.
Another, was a charity workshop for children suffering from cancer which took me one year working with a professional group. many of my paintings were appreciated in different festivals and competitions, including the Fourth Youth Art Festival in 2008, the Fourth Competition Of New Generation Festival in 2009, the Fifth Youth Art Festival in 2010, the University Student Festival in 2010, and Tehran Contemporary Art Museum Workshop in 2010. After graduation, I wanted to access private galleries with more enthusiasm to present my paintings. The result was three exhibitions in several most famous galleries in Tehran: group exhibitions in the Aria Gallery in 2012, MaheMehr Gallery in 2012, Aran Plus Gallery in 2013, and a solo exhibition in the Azad Art Gallery in 2013. I have four different collections with one theme in common. Most of them combine general pictorial elements with definite elements from history of art to depict how the equivocal concerns of humankind loose meanings they fade in the endless labyrinth of recurring, obscure events of life. Each one, to an extent, illustrates the way that meaning is replaced by cliche, and the cliche becomes the essence. Pattern collection, is where the form and concept meet in a decent manner that elaborates the content of the artworks through a visual experience. In Pixell collection i have played with the definitions of beauty. These definitions have different meanings in each era that turn to cliches and lose their holiness by repetition over time. Continuance of this alteration makes it difficult to find it's origin. As these cliches become people's taste and interest, we live with them as we don't want to think about their origin and real meaning.


 Shokofeh Ghafari
Personal Info:
• Date of Birth: 29/08/1985
• Nationality: Iranian
• Marital Status: Single

Contact Info:
• Email Address:
• Postal address: No. 114, Abtahi Street, Northen Amir Abad Avenue, Tehran,Iran-1439983344
• Tell: +98 9359867342

Educational Records:
• B.FA, Painting, University of Science and Culture, Feb/2006-Aug/2011, GPA: 3.68
• Diploma in Mathematics, Sizdah Aban High School, 2000-2004

Solo and Group Exhibitions:
• 2013 Solo exhibition, Pattern, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

• 2013 Group Exhibition, Aran Plus Gallery, Tehran, Iran
• 2012 Group exhibition, Konesh Bayan Khalaghiat, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
• 2011 Group exhibition, Small painting, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Festivals and Competitions:
• Selected in Fifth Young Art Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2010
• Selected in University Student Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2010
• Selected in Fourth Competition of New Generation Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2009
• Selected in Fourth Young Art Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2008

• Painting work shop for children with cancer in Mahak Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2006
• Painting work shop in Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2006
• Painting work shop in Saba Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2008
• Painting work shop in Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2010
• Drawing work shop for Art Street Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2007-2009

• Iranian Young Artist Book, Yassavoli Publication, 2013
• Young Art Festival Book, 2008

• Representation, Elahe Gallery, 2011
• Pattern, Azad art Gallery, 2013

Language Skills:
• Persian (Native)
• English (Proficient)