Susana Sugar, ISRAEL

1.2016 Spray, Wood, Metal 240x100 cm., US$ 6,000.00   2.2014 Geo Synthetic Strips, Aluminum 200x300 cm., US$ 7,000.00   3.2014 Synthetic Strips, Aluminum 270x250 cm., US$ 7,000.00   4.2010 Photography Metal 80x110 cm., US$ 4,000.00   5.2015 Wood Cement Metal 150x40 cm., US$ 3,000.00   6.2010 Photography Metal Cement 50x70 cm., US$ 4,000.00   7.2015 Geo Synthetic Strips, Sand 270x900x270 cm., US$ 12,000.00   8.2015 Spray, Textile, Metal 200x100 cm., US$ 8,000.00



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Art has always been an integral part of Susana’s being, and one which she explored from different aspects throughout her life. The different phases of her artistic evolvement have always been a materialization of her life perspective, which views human existence as a journey of internal significance and meaning. Susana has drawn her artistic inspiration from the intricate relationship between man, nature and the universe. Her latest work represents the fragility of the body in contrast to the magnitude force of life’s spirit, as well as expressing the infinite bond between them.
Susana was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated Talma Yalin Art School and studied sculpture under Shulamit Hartal. Throughout the years Susana extended her studies to include photography, painting, philosophy, interior and event design.