Suzanne Erickson USA

1.Fuck the Flock, 2009 Plaster and Paint 32X30 in.     2.Fragile Series #3, 2008 Plaster, Paint and Lipstick 29X59 in.    3.Fragile Series #1, 2007 Plaster and Graphite 36x33 in.     4.Fragile Series #4, 2007 Plaster, Hemp, Paint and Studio Chair 29x43 in.      5.Fragile Series #2, 2007 Plaster and Hemp 28x40 in.     6.One Day, 2009 Plaster, Paint and Wood 48x30 in.     7.Hutch, 2009 Plaster, Paint and Steel 62X28 in    8.My Ikea Couch, 2009 Sofa, Paint and Needlework 96x 60 in.




































My goals are to produce work that is connected to human experience and looking at the human condition. At times delving into the underbelly of emotions and finding beauty in the chaos and sometimes dysfunction. The nature of my work Is autobiographical as in most artists. It is an amalgam of sculpture, painting, installation, theater and fashion. most of the time using the female form to express my ideas. My past training includes a professional theatrical background with a concentration in acting and directing. I am interested in performaning who we are, how we see ourselves and describing gender is a reoccurring theme. The process of documentation in used throughout my work and is just as important as the finished product. I work comfortably between different disciplines or mediums and are interested in finding links between them. In order to explain a situation or a particular psychological experience, I set up scenarios using myself and others to photograph. these then become inspiration and images to work with. The end result either is three -dimensional or two-dimensional.