Youxin Yang, USA

1.Dialogue Between History & Modern I, 2007 Oil, ink on canvas 30x40 in., US$ 40,000.00  2.Dialogue Between History & Modern II, 2007 Oil, ink on canvas 48x36 in., US$ 50,000.00  3.In the Morning, 1999 Watercolor 68x78 in., US$ 150,000.00. 4.Peace I, 2012 Oil, watercolor 48x60 in., US$ 80,000.00  5.Peace II, 2012 Oil, watercolor 36x48 in., US$ 20,000.00  6.Peace III, 2012 Oil, watercolor 48x36 in., US$ 25,000.00  7.Peace IV, 2013 Oil, acrylic on canvas 48x60 in., US$ 40,000.00  8.Peace V, 2013 Oil, acrylic on canvas 48x60 in., US$ 80,000.00



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Youxin Yang is a world-renowned Chinese painter and filmmaker as well as an award-winning scientist working in cancer research. Youxin started her career in China and then advanced her education in France where she was awarded a prize from the Association for the Study of Pediatric Pathology in 2000 for her work on the WT1 Gene.
Her paintings have been shown internationally, including solo exhibitions at the Art Museum of Nanjing, China, Espace Richelieu in Paris, France, L’Essence Art Gallery in Boston, MA, and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, Canada.
Youxin Yang won the Grand Jury award at the New York International Art Festival in 2005, and her series of calligraphic paintings won the Featured Member Artist award at the 2008 National Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) Featured Artist Competition. As a filmmaker, Ms. Yang has received 24 awards worldwide, including the Top (Platinum) Remi Award at the 37th WorldFest Houston and the Best Drama award in the prestigious New York Film Festival for her feature film entitled “Feuille” (2004). Youxin Yang’s art won the prestigious American Art Awards ’2013 Stoney Award’, an honor meant to recognize the most overall wins by one artist. Recent Juried Competitions, opening September 2013, have placed Ms. Yang’s work at The Highland Museum & Discovery Art Center in Ashland, Kentucky and The Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana.