7. miniature ART ANNUAL

Barbara Pazzaglia  Italy                                   


1.Dioniso, acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm., euro 3000.00.    2.Impressioni di acqua chiara, acrylic on canvas 80x80 cm. Euro 4000.00.    3.planetary Impression, acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm., euro 3000.00.    4..Interazione di colori, acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm. Euro 4000.00.    5.Sfarfallamento, acrylic on canvas 100x100 cm., euro 4000.00.    6.Talete, acrylic on canvas 100x100 cm., euro 4000.00.    7.Giardino sospeso in espansione, acrylic on canvas 150x200 cm. Euro 8000.00.    8.Impression of rose petals, 2011 acrylic on canvas 70x70 cm., euro 4000.00.    9.landscape with birch and grass leafs, 2013 acrylic on canvas 200x150 cm. euro 6000.00.     10.impression of Spring, 2001 acrylic on canvas 80x80 cm., euro 4000.00.    11.theTalking Flower, acrylic on canvas 30x40 cm. Euro 2000.00.  12.The incanted forest, 2018 d, acrylic on canvas 30x40 cm. Euro 2000.00.
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Castello della Manta is a castle at Manta near Saluzzo, Province of Cuneo, region of Piedmont, in northern Italy. It is important for its beautiful frescos dealing with medieval scenes and portraits of men and women symbols of power, beauty and strength. The author of these paintings is Maestro della Manta who realized also the fresco “Madonna Del Latte”. In the castle you can also find a ceiling with the symbols of church, science and military power.
There is also in front of the cycle of the nine worthies the scene of the fountain, originally believed as a religious contest. On the contrary It deals with a erotic scene. Finally the pictures named Church describe the holy week with the stories mentioned in the Bible.


Stefania Grasso was born in Vercelli Italy in 1977. She is an Italian biologist specialized in Microbiology. She started to photograph in 1990. In 2006 among 1172 photographers she won the 4th price in a nature competition in Valle d’Aosta. Her favorite themes are travel photography, nature, landscapes and arts with photos of churches and monuments. She has gained some prices in contests related to nature and arts and several covers for rewievs, Markos but also fotografare.com, N-photography, Photography Masterclass, Landscape Photography magazine. Some of her portfolios have been selected by CNN and National Geographic Italia. In July a book Himmelblau published in Germany and Scotland will contain other her pictures of Cervino with clouds. Recently some her pictures of mountain donkeys have been mentioned as editor choice for National Geographic. She is available for travel reportages, events and portraitures.