Song Ji-Xin  China /Hong Kong                                    


1.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 33x90 cm. NFS     2.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 110x30 cm. NFS     3.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 33x90 cm. NFS     4.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 33x90 cm. NFS     5.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 110x30 cm. NFS     6.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 33x90 cm. NFS    7.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 110x30 cm. NFS     8.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 110x30 cm. NFS     9.Untitled, 2011 woodcut 110x30 cm. NFS





































EDUCATION: Graduated from Teacher Training College Dept Arts Under of China. and completed the postgraduate courses of Chinese painting in Chinese Artists Association Institute. Be teaching by professor ZHAO Jing-Huan who is the famous of china.
PRESENT: Song Ji–xin was born in Fushun City. Liaoning Province China in 1965.He is a member of china Artist Association .He is a vice chairman of the Fushun Artist Association .His Works have been exhibition in The China Art Jincai Award exhibition. member of china Artist Association Paintings Chinese Exhibition. China Art exhibition in china Graphic exhibition .More than 300 times in International Exhibition of 40 Countries .30 times International Prize .10 times Personal Exhibition .2 times as an International Jury .Some of his Works have been Collected by many Foreign Countries ’Gallerys and museums.
CAREER: PERSONAL EXHIBITION : 1996 Art space SKK Gallery sung kyum kwan University Seoul (Korea). 1997 Free Art Gallery Seoul (Korea).1997 Chongro Gallery Seoul (Korea). 1997 Taller Caleria Fort Barcelona (Spain). 1997 Museum Shen Zhen (China). 1998 Banska Bystrica State Gallery (Slovakia). 1999 a La Galerie d art du Parc de Trois-Rivieres (Canada). 2000 Callery University of Hawaii at Hilo (USA). 2008.Eova Gallery (Portugal).
INTERNATIONAL PRIZE: 1995.Banska Bystrica International Woodcut Triennial Grand Prize (Slovakia). 1995.Toronto International Art Exhibition Honorable Mention (Canada). 1996.Ourense International Engraving Biennale Honuradle Mention (Spain). 1996.Stockholm International Graphic Exhibition Honorable Mention (Sweden). 1996.Cadagues International Mini Print Award Grand Prize (Spain). 1999.Kyoto International Wood Print Kiwa Exhibition Awards Dr Iwasaki Prize (Japan). 1999.Trois-Rivieres International Estampe Biennale Prix du Public Laureat (Canada). 1999.Cairo International Print Triennial Jury Prize (Egypt). 2000.Cluj-Napoca International Mini Print Third Prize (Romania). 2003.China Art Jincai Award exhibition (China).2003.Azerbaijan International Printr Exhibition Second Prize (Azerbaijan). 2004.Timisoara International Mini Print Salon Award Prize (Romania). 2005.Cluj International print Biennial Grand Prize (Romania). 2005..member of china Artist Association Paintings Chinese Exhibition Award China. 2006 Cairo International Print Triennial Honorary awards (Egypt). 2006.Lviv International Fine Art Exhibition Awards Prize (Ukraine). 2007 Evora International Gravura Festival award individual exhibition (Portugal). 2007.Xativa International Engraving Biennale Honorable Mention (Spain). 2008.Norwaik International Footprint Exhibition CCP Purchase Prize (USA). 2008.Istanbul International Print Exhibition Third Prize (Turkey).2008. Milano International Competition Exhibition Mini Print Honorable Mention (Italia), 2009.Quebec International Mini Art Exhibition (Honorable Mention (Canada). 2009.Tallinn International Drawing Triennial award manu propria (Estonia). 2009.Skopje International Drawing Triennial award Jury Prize (Macedonia).2010. Shanghai Expo China Art exhibition Grand Prize (China).
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION: 1992.Kanagawa International Prints Festival (Japan).1993. Maastricht International Prints Biennale (Netherlands). 1993.Sapporo International Prints Biennale (Japan). 1993.Slovenija International Graphic Art Exhibition (Slovenia). 1994.Cracow International Graphic Triennial (Poland). 1994.Ibize International Biennale (Spain). 1994.Orense International Grabado Biennale (Spain). 1994.Sao Pauio International Grabado Intercourse Exhibition (Brazil). 1994.Toronto International Art Exhibition (Canada). 1995.Ljubljana International Graphic Biennale (Slovenia). 1995.Fredrikstad International Prints Triennial (Norway). 1995.Banska Bystrica International Wood Cut Print Triennial (Slovak). 1995. Impreza International Biennale (Ukraine). 1995.Caracas International Grabado Intercourse Exhibition (Venezuela). 1996.Biella International Print Biennale (Italia). 1996.Ravenna.Torino International Print Exhibition (Italia). 1996.Korea China Print Intercourse Exhibition (Korea). 1996.Toronto International Art Exhibition (Canada). 1996.Sapporo International Print Biennale (Japan). 1996.Cleveland International Drawing Biennale (England). 1996.Barcelona International Mini Print Exhibition (Spain). 1996Frchen International Graphic Triennial (Germany). 1996.Orense International Grabado Biennale (Spain). 1996.Stockholm International Min iArt Exhibition (Sweden). 1996.Stockholm International Mini Print Exhibition (Sweden). 1997.Cracow International Print Triennial (Poland). 1997.Integrafia World Award Triennial (Poland). 1997.Majdanek International Art Triennial (Poland). 1997.Bitola International Graphic Triennial (Macedonia). 1997.Sint-Niklaas International Graphic Biennale (Belgium). 1997.Alabma New Mail rt Exhibition (USA). 1997.Norwalk Mini Print Exhibition (USA). 1997.London Art Fair (England). 1997.Chamaleres World Mini Print Triennial (France). 1997.Gabrovo International Art Biennale (Bulgaria). 1997.NewJerey International Juried Show (USA). 1997.Sarcelles International Gravuie Biennale (France). 1997.Varna International Print Biennale (Bulgaria). 1997.Bharat Bhavan International Print Biennale (India). 1997.Panama International Mini Art Exhibition (Panama). 1997.Rijeka International Print Exhibition (Croatia). The Exhibition of Symbolic Myth (Korea). 1997. Korea. China. Japan. India. Contemporary Print Exhibition (Korea). 1997.Gyor International Graphic Biennale (Hungary). 1997.Paris Salon Autumn Exhibition (France). 1997.Buenos Aires Grabado Exhibition (Argentina). 1998.Asia Print Adventure Exhibition (Japan). 1997. Songpa International Contemporary Art Exhibition (Korea). 1998.Val D Oise International Gravure Biennale (France). 1998.Namur International Gravures Exhibition (Belgium). 1998.Milanovac International Mini Art Exhibition (Yugoslavia). 1998.Banska Bystrica International Woodcut Triennial (Slovak). 1998.Belgrade Graphic Biennale (Yugoslavia). 1998.Vaasa International Print Triennial (Finland). 1998.Venice International Art Autumn Annual (Italy). 1999.Biella International Print Biennale (Italy). 1999.Trois-Rivires International Estampe Biennale (Canada). 1999.tobz International Mini Print Triennial (Poland). 1999.Fredrikstad International Print Triennial (Norway). 1999.Frechen International Graphic Triennial (Germany). 1999.Koyto International Wood Print Exhibition (Japan). 1999.Varna International Graphic Biennale (Bulgaria). 1999.Gyor International Graphic Biennale (Hungary). 1999. Ferrol International Gravado Maximo Pamos (Spain). 2000.Vitoria International Mini Print Show (Brazil). 2000.Majdanka International Art Triennial (Poland). 2000.Jelenia International Graphic Competition (Poland). 2000.Giza International Print Triennial (Egypt). 2000. En Val d'Oise International Gravure Biennale (France). 2000.Craow International Print Triennial (Poland). 2000.Cluj-Napoca International Mini Print Exhibition (Romania). 2000. Hawaii Hilo Works Paper Invitational Exhibition (USA). 2000.Cheju International Print Art Festival (Korea). 2000.Ibize International Biennale (Spain). 2001.Cluj-Napoca International Graphic Art Festival (Romania). 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Changchun Middle School. 8 Shuang Yang North Road.
Shijia Gou Fushun City.113126. Liaoning Prov. CHINA