Aase Birkhaug. Norway

1.In the Garden of Eden, 2004 watercolor on paper 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.    2.Late autumn rose, 2004 original watercolor on paper 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS .    3.Rose de L'Arborete, 2015 Watercolor and Tempera on paper 10x15 cm ., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.   4.Rose de L'Arborete III, 2015 watercolor painting on paper 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.    5.Rose De L'Arborete IV, 2016 watercolor and tempera painting on paper 24x30 cm Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.    6.Rose de Paradise, 2016 original watercolor and tempera on paper painted 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.  7.Rose Louis – Zavier & Auguste Miellez, 2015 Watercolor & Tempera on paper 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS .    8.Rose I Rosariet, 2015 watercolor painting on paper 10x15 cm., Prints available only. The original watercolor NFS.
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Artist & Painter
Believing that surroundings can influence one's health and mind, painter and physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug has combined her two passions by painting roses for a soothing effect. Having fallen in love with flowers, nature and painting from early age, it was only natural to merge these factors together at some point, and by combining the aesthetic beauty of botany with her skills as a painter. It is documented that colors have an effect on the sensory system, and some years ago I made the waiting room in my physiotherapy office into an exhibition for my paintings, so I discovered that it influenced the patient s mental state. My paintings are regularly described as very soft and mild. The color combinations I use are tastefully and delicately fused to make a motif that can be described as very soothing to the eye. I discovered several years ago that Roses have a positive effect on me, almost like healing, and the combination of the smell and the sight feels like a meditation, bringing about a certain calmness, this is something I try to reflect in my paintings. I do my paintings in different media: aquarelle, tempera, gouache, oil, acrylics and pastels. I have been drawing and painting since I was 6 years old. I have had exhibitions both in Norway and several country`s abroad during the years 1990 – 2016. In my family we have several painters who have inspired my art work and inspired my painting and the paintings I have painted during the years of my painting career. To mention some names in my art family- Anna Sofie Brunchorst Ibsen who run the painting school in Bergen, Norway early in the 1900, Henrik Ibsen the famous poet, Harald Ibsen my grandfather, Borghild Ibsen my aunt and prof dr med Conrad Birkhaug, a very famous doctor working in USA for many years, a famous doctor and an artist - my father's uncle. I have attended art and painting classes during the years from I was 13 years old until this anno 2016.

• My own Atelier og Gallery Bergen 2004-2015 – Galleri 39 / Grψnnestψlsvei 23c - 39
• Hole Speil og Ramme Bergen 2004-2016 - Gallery
• Prydkunst Hjertholm Bergen Sentrum + Lagunen 2004-2006 – Art cards Roses
• Primstaven – Nesttun – Bergen – Norway – commision sale 2004-2006
• Galleri 151 Alvψen 2004-2005 Exhibition – Summer Exhibition – Out in our Garden
• Cafe Moldegaard Os i Hordaland – Spring –Summer Exhibition - Roses summer 2005
• Cafe Moldegaard Os i Hordaland Easter Exhibition– Roses
• The Lady and Womens Dinner - Fjψsanger Samlingene Rekstensamlingene - Art Collections at Reksten – Exhibition of Paintings - solo
• Anemone Flower & Gift Shop – Exhibition Solo 2004.
• Sea and Marine Research Faculty in Bergen – Solo Exhibition juli – september 2004
• Det Hvite Hus / The White House – Interior Shop- Paradis Bergen – Summer 2004 – juni – juli Solo Exhibition – vernissage 230 invited guests – flutists and grand opening.
• Collectiv Exhibition - Barcelona – Gallery Sala Barna januar 2003
• Collectiv Exhibition summer june 2002 Grebenhain - Germany
• Solo Exhibition - NM i Dressage Riding Moldegaard i Os 9-18 august 2002
• Solo Exhibition Flexibox Berstadhusets Aula februar – mars 2002
• Exhibition Freiaparken Norwegian Rose Association Oslo juli 2001
• Garden for Everybody - Sjψlystsenteret Norsk roseforening april 2001
• Solo Exhibition Moldegaard Dressur grand Prix stevne juli 2001
• Collective Exhibition - Oslo – Humanitare exhib for children in Brazilhumanitary Exhibition //inntekter til gatebarn i Brazil
• Collective Exhibition - Solstrand Fjord Hotel Os i Hordaland 1991
• Collective Exhibition - Gamle Bergen 1992
• Collective Exhibition - Klψverhuset Bergen 1990
• Hardanger Antikk Grova april 2001
• Birthe Bo Interiψr shop Bergen 1990-1993
• Paintings Roses – Hole speil og Ramme Bergen 1990-2016
• Paintings - Dammplass-stua Oslo 1990-1992
• Paintings - Galleri Primstaven Bergen 2004-2005
• Paintings - Vildanden Gave og Interiψr Grimstad 2004 - 2010
• Paintings - MK Interiψr forretning Nesttun Bergen 2004-2005
• Paintings - Annekset Interiψr og Gave Geilo – 1991-1994
• Spring International Salon Taza Marocco 2 nd edition 03/26-30/2016
• Taza Marocco International Biennal 2 nd edition 08/06-11/2016
• Represented at Art People Gallery since 2016
• Represented at Saatchi Art since 2016
• Represented at Fine Art America since 2016
• Honorable Awarded Artist in Spring International Art Exhibition in Taza Marocco 26.03-30.03.2016
• Represented at Artslant since 2016
• Represented at Etsy since 2016
• Represented at Artavita since 2016
• Represented at ArtUPClose since 2016

• Art Contest juli 2016 – ICAC Art Critics – selected as one of the twelve best of may 2016
• Online Art Contest – Artavita on may 2016 – Certificate of Excellence 19th ONLINE ART CONTEST.
• Represented in Scan Magazin – article 2013 by Journalists: http://issuu.com/scanmagazine/docs/scanmagazine_48_jan_2013/16
• / here is a link to Scan Magazine version 2013 http://issuu.com/scanmagazine/docs/scanmagazine_48_jan_2013/1
• Representations in Rose Associations and News Papers in Norway with articles and paintings.
• Represented in Healing Today UK – Article – Design – Roses and Healing.
• Board Member in the Norwegian Rose Association Hordaland Norway 2016
• Fine Art America Profile: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/aase-birkhaug.html
• Saatchi Art Profile: http://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/841528
• Artslant Profile: http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/454237-aase-birkhaug
• Art People Gallery Profile: https://www.artpeoplegallery.com/roses-nature-aase-birkhaug/
• Facebook Aase Birkhaug Art: http://facebook.com/aasebirkhaugart
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• Artavita Profile: https://artavita.com/artists/12350-aase-birkhaug
• ArtUpclose Profile: http://www.artupclose.com/aase-birkhaug
• Art Contest – Platform – Participating in Artist of The Year – Redwood Media Group USA June 2016
• Represented at Talnts since june 2016 - @aasebirkhaug
• Artavita Art Contest May – June 2016
• Participating Art Contest Platform Artist of the Year 2016 Redwood Media GROUP USA
• Invited by PAKS Gallery Curator Team to participate in their projects from June 2016
• Invited by Art Monaco Team to participate in Art Monaco Exhibition 2016 – 2017
• Invited by PAKS GALLERY and participating in the International Art Fair Caroussel de Louvre Paris 21-23 october 2016.
• Participating in Art Contest at Artslant round V june 2016.
• Participating Contemporary Art Fair Montreux 9-13 November 2016- invited by Paks Gallery
• Article in Art Monaco Magazine October – November 2016
• Invited by Artifact Gallery New York for a solo exhibition 2016.
• Participation in 2016 Watercolors Annual Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Art 2016-2017.

Online exposure
Facebook site with more of my paintings: http://facebook.com/aasebirkhaugart
Google Blog – Aase Birkhaug Blog: http://aasebirkhaug.blogspot.no
Art People Gallery: http://www.artpeoplegallery.com/roses-nature-aase-birkhaug
Saatchi Art  http://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/841528
Fine Art America: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/aase-birkhaug.html

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