Marianna Venczak. Hungary

1.Back to the Music, 2010 watercolor, mixed technique 15x23 cm., US$ 2,200.00.    2.The Caprice Bar, 2010 watercolor, Mixed technique, enamel on paper 22,2x15,6 cm., US$ 2,200.00.    3.Hunagram: The Mandala to the Heart of Hungary – to Create Love and Unit, 2016 watercolor 22x22 cm., US$ 2,200.00.   4.Eden, 2011 watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel on paper 21x29,7 cm., US$ 2,200.00.    5.Arrival, 2011 watercolor, mixed technique, cold gold enamel on paper 21x29,7 cm., US$ 2,200.00.    6.Erotica, 2011 watercolor, mixed technique, cold gold enamel on paper 21x29,7 cm., US$ 2,200.00.  7.Desire, 2011 watercolor, cold gold enamel, mixed technique 21x29,7 cm., US$ 2,200.00.    8.Carnival, 2011 watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel, glass on paper 24,5x16 cm., US$ 2,200.00.
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Marianna Venczak
Artist, since 1993 graphic artist, illustrator, painter. Each picture is made with mixed technique of own development: waterproof ink, aquarelle, cold enamel. National Association of Lovers of Art - Member of Presidency From 2002. Member of the National Association of Fine Arts.


Impressions of the Andrassy street
You have such a wonderful atmosphere going on in this work, a well balanced muted palette, interesting ground reflections, wonderful gestures in the figures. I truly get a sense of place from this work, as if I know this location and have walked this street in the rain myself. Now lets talk about, “the elephant in the room”. The tiles or square design that you have incorporated into the composition. I subscribe to the idea that if an element does not add to the overall design or concept of a work, then the question should be does it belong in the composition at all. Keeping in mind that part of our task as artists “is” to communicate our own vision into the world and describe it in unique and personal ways. I would ask myself if these shapes are metaphors / symbolic or just decorative motifs? It is talented work and I encourage you to keep testing the norm. All the best.

The Caprice Bar
Your piece Caprice Bar is a wonderful glimpse into a moment of life; one can almost hear the murmur of conversation and laughter. I think the gestures of the people are very well done nicely expressing the character of each person. There are obviously different sources of light as one would expect in a night time café scene, certainly a difficult effect to paint. If you look at the cast shadows of the chairs in comparison to the back shadow of the people you can notice some of the lighting is a bit confusing? I think if you had gone for a overall chiaroscuro, modeling the of light and shade of the main space and then picking out the smaller gradations caused by smaller lights. The illusion of space would have read more convincingly. The vertical tan wall on the right I would omit, it visually shortens the picture plane and does not add anything to the composition. Overall it is very ambitious work on an extremely challenging subject. Really nice work. Since 2010 Marianna Venczak has been the representative for Hungary of the artistic literary movement IMAGE & POETRY, and her works The Hungarian Fallow (linked to the poem of Endre Ady ) and Jazz (linked to the poem Drum by Aeronwy Thomas) are highly significant as the movement offers visual images that complete and enhance the written words and vice versa. Moving closer to the artistic production of Marianna Venczak is like entering into an enchanted and surreal world with a fairy-tale atmosphere, revisited with a very personal artistic touch: walking in the snowy streets of Hungarian cities and waiting anxiously for Christmas bring us back to the joyful moments of childhood, the ladies of May and Fall are fascinating with their promises of gifts, while the circus images surprise us with their bright and colorful clowns. What Marianna Venczak recreates in her works is a world of serenity and joy, mysterious but full of expectation, where we can shelter to regain the charm of the simple and true joys of life Gianpiero Actis, art critic at Turin Live Festival 2010.

Marianna, this woman symbolizes May so sensuously. I love her flowing red hair, and the lovely surrounding foliage! Rene Ury
I have met Marianna Venczák in connection with an international cultural event. As a curator of the event, my task was to select ten talented young fine artists for an exhibition across the Atlantic. Having analyzed the works of over a hundred young artists, Marianna's works were deemed appropriate by myself and also the other curators to represent Hungary on international locations. Marianna is characterized by well-composed figurative art that is full of spirit. Her works are elaborations of light themes and scenes, which remind us on classic and impressionist expositions (“Caprice Bar”), while in her surrealist art, she prefers displaying her fantasy world with bright spots and winding brush strokes for us (“Flowers of my soul”), or she presents her images in leaded glass-like geometric shapes (e.g. “Fall and fabric”). Her style is unique; however, it can be characterized as universal in terms of its appearance. Her clean and modest works provide a glimpse into the simple but deep essence of life. What I especially like in her art is that it reminds us, what real art is all about. Her art does not aspire to impact us through meticulously perfected techniques, but it is still fascinating, because it shows that the spontaneous source of her works is a pure hart that is filled with hope. In the light of Marianna's art, we come to grasp that beauty is omnipresent in the most common scenes and events of life. Through her brushstrokes, she is capable to lead the spectator to the streets of Budapest (“Impressions on Andrássy street ”), to places decorated with festive lights, where we can almost smell the flavor of gingerbread (“Christmas atmosphere”), or we find ourselves in genuine Hungarian boondocks (“Farm”). Szonyi Tibor Opera Gallery Budapest.

• 2001:
AKO Ltd. Book illustrations in the Book of Hungarian wines; Christmas illustration for ABB Power Ltd.; “The 135 years old Yacht Club” – corporate image illustration, Balatonfüred, Hungary.
• 2002:
UNESCO - Terézváros Millennium medallion, Podmaniczky Gallery, Budapest, Hungary;International Association of Hungarian Writers National Tale Illustration competition: first prize and Extra Award; Miklós Zsuga: Troll ball in the forest - story-book illustration, Varga Publishing House, Eger, Hungary; National Milky Way Tour logo, upon request of the Hungarian Parliament, Budapest, Hungary.
• 2003:
Picture "The Evening": The painting has won the extra award of the Hamza Museum and Jazygian Gallery, in the competition ,,Ákos D. Hamza was born 100 years ago". The painting is the gallery's property.; 4th International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Tokaj, Hungary;Danube Yacht Club logo, Budapest, Hungary.
• 2004:
“Perspective”: Island Festival, Village of health, Budapest, Hungary.
• 2005:
"Lyrics Metro" illustrations, Budapest, Hungary; “Ticket Tout” corporate identity, Szentendre, Hungary.
• 2006:
Separate Exhibition of Tale Illustration in the Playhouse of Angyalföld, Budapest, Hungary; Separate Exhibition of Tale Illustration in the Mill Park, Debrecen, Hungary; 108th Fieracavalli (the largest International horse trade show) in Verona, Italy- Hungarian cover design; Manger of Bethlehem: collective Christmas exhibition in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapes, Hungary.
• 2007:
Continuous online presence in the EUART Museum, Sweden; Different Perspectives: continuous online presence, Hungary.
• 2008: continuous online presence;Selected among the best (TOP100) Hungarian artists; "Flowery Kalotaszeg" art and craft exhibition: 1st prize for “Legényes” picture, House of Hungarian Culture – the picture has been in their possession ever since.
• 2009:
“Adventures of the Rabbits” -story-book illustration, Sesare Publishing, Hungary. Continuous online presence on the following sites: • •, •, •, •, •, •, •, •, •
• 2010:
“The Bread”: International Exhibition at the National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre, Budapest, Hungary.
Participation at EXPO SANTA FE ST FRANCIS HOTEL OCTOBER 22-23-24. New Mexico.
EXPO ALBUQUERQUE 2000, OCTOBER 30-31. New Mexico.
International Contemporary artists - Volume I. International art book Museum quality printing - Full Color October 2010.
WAF EXPO VEGAS III December 3-5, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada.
HUMILIATED ANGELS EXHIBITION AND SALE NOVEMBER 5-12, 2010 Sensitive artists with anti-violent message to exhibit their creations at the Global Art Gallery in Santa Fe, starting November 5-12, 2010. New Mexico.
• 2011:
Creative GENIUS collectible global ARTBOOK 2011. Edited and published by World of Art in cooperation with Art Addiction Gallery.
The Caprice Bar 9th Female Artist's Art Annual Diploma of Excellence (Honourable Award) - London, Art Addiction Gallery.
Carnevale di Venezia International Juried Art Exhibition 8th - 21st February, 2011. The Carnival in Vienna Travel Gallery Wiedner Hauptstraße 152 / 3 A - 1050 Vienna, Austria.
Appear in Harvests of New Millennium to be released in Feb. 2011. by CYBERWIT India.
Broadway Gallery, New York March 15th - April 1st , 2011 The Caprice Bar and the Back to the Music in original! International Artist At Home & Abroad Exhibition. Sponsored by New York Arts Magazine & Art Fair International.
International Artist At Home & Abroad Exhibition and the Carnevale de Venezia exhibitione in editorail on the site.
PRINT EXHIBIT PROJECT 2011 sponsored by TECAP The Caprice Bar in reproduction on this exhibition 26th March - 8th April, 2011 Toronto, Canada, Ben Navaee Gallery
EROTIC al Dente (Erotica, Desire) Exhibition 14th-28th April 2011. Vienna Travel Gallery Wiedner Hauptstraße 152 / 3 A - 1050 Vienna, Austria.
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Exhibition 3rd of June - 5th of July 2011. Caprice Bár, Jazz, Vissza a Zenéhez, Éden, A Nő, Érkezés 511 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York.
• 2013:
Portrait painting exhibition of 50 contemporary women.
10 to 30 of March 2013. Mű-hely Gallery Pilisvörösvár, Hunyadi street 70.
• 2014:
Published Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014- HT Art Magazine Publishing UK.
Solo Exhibition April 12 - 26 2014 in the ARTANIA Gallery Budapest , Parizsi str.1.
• 2015:
Awareness has been digital exhibited in Louvre Paris on july 13th 2015 as part of the Art Photography Collection by See | Me. It has been released Art Photography Collection book.
Awareness - Michelangelo International Prize Rome.
• 2016:
Has been created the Hungarian Hunagram®. See more on