The Photographers' Gallery

  Arthur Jacob USA                 

1.Vegas Building, 2008 Digital art      2.Building V, 2008 Digital art      3.City Side Street, 2008 Digital art      4.Night Life, 2008 Digital art





















My body of work reflects an internal examination of a subject rather than the external examination of a subject and how it relates to its external environment in the photograph. Harold Rosenberg defined the Abstract Expressionist’s canvas as an “arena to act in.” My intent is to give the observer the knowledge of what the real life image is, and then through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, invite the observer to act in that arena; and to explore the infinite possibilities that each abstraction and reconstruction presents. The use of color, form and balance reveal much about me as an artist and person. Color depicts emotions. Lines, that are either gently wavy or sharply spiked, become the mental attitude in my work.