June McCotter  Australia                 

1.Over the Perry, 2011 mixed media 105x38 cm, US$ 800    2.Windy Day, 2011 mixed media 80x73 cm, US$ 500    3.Flood Rains, 2011 mixed media 80x60 cm, US $ 800    4.The face, 2011 mixed media 10x10 cm, US$ 200


















June McCotter: Born youngest of three to Kathleen and Alan Marr, Lowood Queensland I spent my youth on the land at our cattle station. Aged 20 I joined the Air Force, meeting and marrying Terrence, then moving back to the land and raising four children. I am now semi-retired to the Sunshine Coast as an Artist. “Painting is my only way of communicating intimate reactions to nature, life and the world around me. I am greatly influenced by nature and natural rustic, abstract themes. Being faithful to my subjects allow me to gain insight into my work, and in turn gives me a better perspective and understanding of my surroundings, I am forever interested in capturing the fleeting essence of each subject. And I fell that a painting must display the heart and soul of the artist to qualify as Art”

Art Education: Burris Woodrow Private Art school (6 years) Bundaberg, Old School of fine Arts (2 years) Bundaberg, Harvey Bay Tafe Art History and Mark Making , Certificate 3 @ Cherbourg QLD 1 year, Advanced Diploma in Ceramics 2 years, Diploma in Visual arts 2 Years, Various Credit workshops through out QLD and NSW over 20 years, Art Project Community, Founder Mt Perry, Gin Gin arts Groups, and Mt Perry Gallery, Founder Gin-Gin Pottery, Arts Coordinator of Sunshine coast arts Festival (4 Years), Arts Coordinator St Joseph Parish Sunshine Coast, R.A.D.F Committee Sunshine Coast and Mt Perry and Gin-Gin, Peggi B”s Goomeri, Wild harts Buderim, Gallery 2 On Edward Brisbane, Tina Cooper Gallery Eumundi, Maleny Peace of Green, “Butt Art” Gallery Black butt, R.Q.A.S Gold coast.
Highlight of my Arts, is all my patrons that honor me when they purchase my work, it is a part of me, also, The Gold Medallion I received for the arts, for doing something I love.