medial 4. art biennial [2018]
Agnes Parcesepe "Agili". australia



1.Almonds, Watercolor on handmade paper 11x15 in. | 28x38 cm., US$ 4,500.00      2.Arum Lilies, Watercolor on handmade paper 30x22 in. | 76x56 cm., US$ 4,500.00      3.Bunch of Apples, 2012 Watercolor on Paper 14x15 in. | 36x38 cm., US$ 4,500.00      4.Clouds Over Stones, Mixed Media 30x17 in. | 76x44 cm., US$ 4,500.00      5.Coastline Of Cafalu, Palermo, Acrylic on canvas 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm., US$ 4,500.00      6.Gentle Butterfly, 2012 Watercolor on hand made paper 11x15 in. | 28x38 cm. US$ 1,690.00   7.Sydney After the Rain, Mixed Media on handmade paper 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm., US$ 4,500.00   8.High Moon New York, Mixed Media 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm., US$ 4,500.00      9.Jonathan Apples, Watercolor on handmade paper 11x15 in. | 28x38 cm., US$ 2,500.00       10.Melbourne at Dusk, Mixed Media 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm., US$ 4,500.00      11.My Green Frog, 2012 Watercolor on hand made paper 11x15 in. | 28x38 cm., US$ 2,500.00      12.After a Hot Day Melbourne, watercolor on handmade paper 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm., US$ 4,500.00      13.Radishes, 2012 Watercolor on Paper 16x12 in. | 41x31 cm., US$ 2,500.00      14.Red and White Cherries, 2012 Watercolor on handmade paper 23x30 in. | 58x76 cm., US$ 2,500.00      15.Truly Delicious, 2012 Watercolor on Paper 16,5x21,5 in. | 42x54 cm., US$ 2,500.00      16.Silver Birches, watercolor on handmade paper 22x30 in. | 56x76 cm, US$ 2,500.00
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Notes I
There is nothing more Magical to see an artist bring a completely new realm with multifaceted approach to her subjects. Multitalented artist Agnes Parcesepe also known as “Agili” takes her art seriously and brings it into completely new realm with her many different styles and approach to her art work. Her mixtures of landscapes, still life and mixed media works demonstrate the variety of techniques that she has mastered. Award winning painter Agnes Parcesepe “Agili” has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of works and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted her to a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. This Australian Based Artist has enjoyed numerous successful exhibitions throughout Australia, Europe and U.S. and the presence of her work in prestigious collections across the world is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation.  There is an elegance in her simplicity a comfort that moves through her familiar forms and shapes which allows the viewer easily relate to her art. Agnes’s landscapes, still life, city scenes capture this exquisite simplicity.
She works with different media and materials to produce some amazing works especially her mixed media and watercolor washes has received local, regional, national and international recognition.
Recently Agnes had exhibitions in New York, Los Angelis, Las Vegas Museum. Currently she is exhibiting in Sicily and Rome. She has won numerous awards, These are the recent ones. “International NOTO Award /Unesco Heritige”, Sicily 2015. “International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci-Museum Convitto Ragusa“, Noto, Sicily Italy 2015. “Michelangelo International Prize Artist at the Jubilee“, Palazo Cardinal Cesi, Rome, Italy 2015. “Artists at The Castle” at Castelo Orsiny, Rome, Italy. “International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, The Universal Artist“ in Florence 2015. “Own 12 page chapter in “Museum - 100 Contemporary Art Showcase” museum quality art book by MOT’s “Masters of Today“ collective art books series 2016. Featured in London’s “Hidden Treasure Art Magazine “London, Great Britain, 2015. Chosen with 30 Top Artists and featured in “Art Professionals - 33 Contemporary Artists”, museum quality art book by MOT’s “Masters of Today“ collective art books series 2017.

Notes II
The common belief is artists have to starve in a garret for years before becoming successful. Agnes is living proof that that doesn’t have to be the case. Here Agnes talks about her progress from simply liking art in her youth, to taking up painting later in life, and transitioning from student to teacher in a few short years. She has won a myriad of competitions, had international exhibitions, and has paintings purchased and hung all round the world. Amazing stuff when you stop to think about it. She attributes her success to her passion for creativity and painting, and love of the natural world. This is not to say she makes her living painting, because she doesn’t, and that is not her objective. But her intense drive to improve and commitment to complete projects has funded her hobby and given her immeasurable satisfaction and a part income. In this show we discuss how to take your first steps into painting as a hobby, how and where to learn, and then the pathway to becoming better known and marketing your works. Agnes very strongly recommends experimenting with a wide variety of mediums to really establish which you like best and which one suits your style and subject matter. This is a hobby which does not cost a lot to enter, and is relatively portable. Like photography or bird watching you can engage in painting or drawing at home, on holiday, in the city, in the country … anywhere. At one point in the interview we take a substantial detour into a health related issue as Agnes has had a severe health problem which she has now mostly overcome. She is a strong believer in natural therapies, and we talk about how she challenged and overcame her life threatening issue.
If you would like to comment on the show, or about natural therapies, leave a reply in the box below, and hit the share button to spread the word about this talented and inspirational artist. (By Henry Shapiro / Discovered by Player FM and our community.)

Notes III
It’s been fifty years -we will soon be sixty-four one once is extraordinary and his culture - or cultures! - are really impressive. Philippe Tin his portraits and in the “decor” of his paintings or when he paints flowers or still life or even animals (a parrot for instance!). These are often bright colors, the most outspoken and the most intense. In the centre of disarray, no matter if he draws or paints, what Philippe shows each and everyone seems to me, every time, like an irreplaceable proof of his taste to the world and his passion for life.

Notes IV
Agnes had her first Solo Painting Exhibition, at the Cotham Gallery 101 in Kew in November 2002. She paints under the name of Agili, and her works often include a small Seahorse hidden in the composition. After studying with artists such as Alan Close, Nell Frysteen and Walter Magilton, she developed her own style, with which to produce unusual paintings, for the enjoyment of buyers. Although primarily a watercolorist, Agnes likes to work in acrylic, oil, pastels and ink. She believes that practicing in all mediums, allows her to develop skills and techniques, to use in the creation of her own unique works of art. Agnes wanted to come up with some unusual and unique paintings that would make a lasting impression on viewers.
She has developed a special interest in mixed media paintings, incorporating multicolored material layers, silk, ribbons and various fabrics and beads, for a three dimensional effect for cityscapes, sky-lined against rich, vibrant watercolor skies. In particular her watercolors can take up of fourteen layers of carefully applied individual hues. Agnes’s use of watercolor washes has received local, regional, national and international recognition. Agnes uses her own photographs of her favorite city, Melbourne, to capture the different times of day and the colors that the city displays, to guide her interpretation of city scenes. She has also produced mixed media creations of other cities for commissioned works.
Agnes uses pigment to achieve moody dynamic skies and textures, for colorful buildings, to support her message, her paintings convey the time of day and the atmosphere of the city in a very different way from that normally seen in artistic interpretations.
She works with different media and materials to produce vitally different Abstracts, Still Life, Landscapes and Floral paintings. Some of these are shown on this web-site.
Her paintings have been well accepted in private and corporate collections, in Germany, Italy and Japan. She has traveled to La Palma in the Canary Islands, Malaysia, Canada and South Africa, Argentina, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Ex-Yugoslavia.
Agnes is a member of the “Family of Artist“ Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NY, Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA), The Water Color Society Of Victoria, The Water Color Society Of Australia, Friends Of Montsalvat, Whitehorse Arts Association and Sherbrooke Art Society.

Notes V
Agnes Parcesepe was born in 1951 in Belgrade Serbia and immigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1963. She started to paint in 2002. She has had many successful solo and combined exhibitions. Has won prizes and awards and her work has been featured in magazines in Australia and International Artist magazines and books. She works with different media to produce vitally different abstracts, still life, landscapes and floral paintings, some of those are shown on her limited edition bibliophile art book authentic signed and numbered by the artist. Agnes is a member of Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA), Water Color Society of Australia, Water Color Society of Victoria, Sherbrook Art Society, Friends of Montsalvat and Amsterdam Whitney International fine Art New York. Agnes's work is represented in corporate and private collections all around the world.

Notes VI
Since I was a little girl, I could see the beautiful creations that surround us. The colors, shapes, tones, moods, reflections of the sky, river, flowers, birds and everything that we can see with our eyes. I had the passion to paint from an early age, it runs in our family to be artistic, but because of not having the opportunity and the privilege in my younger years to study art, I started to paint when my responsibilities as a parent of 4 boys ended. Having more time for myself, I did a course in art degree, which was a turning point for me and my art. I paint in watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, pastel, charcoal, but the one that is more unique in my city scenes is that I create with silk, fabric ribbons and various beads. I was privileged to get international recognition for coming up with this new idea. I need to be disciplined with my time and planning to take every little opportunity set before me.