medial 3. art biennial [2014]
Aase-Hilde Brekke. Norway



1.Angel with black wings, self-portrait, 1994 Mixed media (photo, sandpaper, bank box) 43x21,5x34 cm.   2.ENTIRELY BUDDHA, 1995 PERFORMANCE ART   3.LIGHT /Lys (Norwegian), 1995 Photo on acrylic 40x50 cm. (other dimensions available)   4.SOMETHING CAN ONLY BE DANCED /NOE KAN BARE DANSES (Norwegian), Tibetan sacred Ritual Dances, 2008 Video 24 min.   5.OM MANI PEDME HUNG, 2004 Photo 40x50 cm.   6.Lapp-Lama /SAME-LAMA (Norwegian), 2008 Mixed Media /photo /installation 20x20x20 cm.   7.FORGIVNESS /TILGIVELSE (Norwegian), 2007 Outdoor installation and performance, three days   8.WHITE PANE /Hvit fate (Norwegian), 2009 Photo /Photoshop, printed on Plexiglas 30x40 cm.  


























Art: I believe that every moment has a special quality and my mission as an artist is to wait until the moment reveals itself to me. That`s why I take only "one shot" of a motif with my camera. In this prescious glimps there is created a vision, a message. It is as if art creates me, not the other way around. I am just a witness. Art represents the possibilities and glimpses of emptiness that are the gateways to heaven and sometimes hell. The moments, the gaps in between "something" and "something else" where reality shows its inner beauty and mystic content, are the moments where everything is vibrating and at the same time is standing still. Prescious, silent, extraordinary streams of consciousness and glimpses of truth. In this way I try to communicate with the world around me, and I feel very lucky being an artist: I only give an offer back to life that supports me. With all its shadows, sorrows and pain, hopes, dreams and joy, human beings have the ability to change direction since we are part of life itself. - That is why I consider art to be a life-supporting ritual.

Many of my works are transformed into different medias: I start with a found object, I make a photo of it, I transform the idea or impuls into sculptures, and installations, and then I do a performance art piece with visual and auditive elements. I consider my work as a transformation process, where I explore ideas and materials in different medias.

Aase-Hilde Brekke