medial 3. art biennial [2010]
Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran



1.awake eye, acrylic on canvas 130x80 cm. US$3600   2. red way, acrylic on canvas 100x70 cm. US$3300   3.Untitled, acrylic on canvas 150x100 cm. US$4200   4.Awakening breeze, acrylic on canvas 120x80 cm. US$2800














Abdolreza Rabeti was born in 1965 in Iran and lives in Dezful. He is a gallery manager for 20 years at Iran. He has had 20 solo exhibitions in the national and international and 25 group exhibitions diffrent, His some works are in Iran museum (Shohada museum and saba Farhangsra} and another some are belong to private collections in Iran and U.S. He is active in the fields of painting, sculpture and graphics, fully professional and he has since received numerous awards.