medial 3. art biennial [2009]



1.TRANSITION III, 2007 mixed media-paper pulp, embroidery 65x35, Euro 1250     2.DOUBLE-OBJECT, 2007 MIXED MEDIA, PAPER, OIL PAINTING 42x30, Euro 1190    3.ARCHETYPE 5, 2008 mixed media, oil painting 80x65, Euro 1690    4.ARCHETYPE, 2008 mixed media,acrylic painting, golden enbroidery, paper 80x65x4, Euro 1890     5.ARCHETYPE 5, 2006  paper, textile fibre, embroidery,stitching 150x95, Euro 1990     6.TWO JUGS IN THE SAND, 2007 ink drawing 60X40 cm. Euro 1590     7.MANDALA, 2007 ink drawing 60X40 cm. Euro 1590     8.1002ND NIGHT2, 2008 ink drawing 40X30 cm. Euro 1190     9.Och, My Dear Sister, 2006 ink drawing 60X40 cm. Euro 1590     10.SALOME OF THE NEXT DOOR, 2007 ink drawing 40X30 cm. Euro 990































In my creative practise I have enjoyed working across a wide scope of mediums. In the recent years textures and surfaces have become very important elements in my work. I have developed a style of my own exploring a wide range of possibilities based on creative manipulation of various materials and processes such as self-made paper, acrylic paint, natural or synthetic fibres, collage technique, embroidery - all that allows to create multi-layered and meaningful images. In my work I have used partly abstract, partly figurative imagery and the language of symbols based on ancient myths and cultural experiences of the earliest civilisations. I often explore such themes as a ‘double-image‘ or ‘significant memory‘ reflecting the collective recollection. On many levels ‘integration‘ is the key word for my creativity. I am aiming to reach a well-balanced simplicity of style through the integration of the richness of texture, colour and tonality of multi-layered tactile surfaces. These are meant to build up strong invisible emotional relationships within the artwork itself, the environment and the viewer. My works are not strictly tied to any genres; they are as much paintings or drawings as 3-dimensional objects but time to time, throughout my entire art practise i always return back to the traditional drawing. In my drawings i mostly investigate the beauty of the female body using it as a methphor and combining the elements of grotesque with a romantic visual language. I enjoy the state of being in between the highly controlled and accidental moments.