medial 3. art biennial [2015]
Bedriska Znojemska . CZECH REPUBLIC



1.Giving Thanks, 2015 oil 70x50 cm,. US$ 2,200.00    2.Monstrance, 2015 oil 70x100 cm,. US$ 2,400.00     3.Thinker, 2015 oil 70x50 cm,. US$ 1,800.00    4.Siren, 2015 oil 40x60 cm,. US$ 1,700.00    5.Greetings from Paradise, 2015 oil 70x100 cm,. US$ 2,100.00     6.Impregnable, 2015 oil 90x50 cm,. US$ 2,000.00   7.Two worlds, 2015 oil 70x100 cm,. US$ 2,000.00    8.Solstice, 2015 oil 50x75 cm,. US$ 1,800.00
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Contemporary thought is eclectic. The artist is moving ever closer to a culture of being. Art, in general, thus becomes an evocation of other possible worlds, provided that it does not have history at its complete disposal without having first run through its spatiotemporal context.

In the painting of Bedriska Znojemska we find several aesthetic nuances which diverge from one source - the modern symbolism. The painter takes the road of lyrical reflection which is an essential feature of her paintings. Another nuance of expression is for Bedriska Znojemska the romantic symbolism. And finally it is Surrealist symbolism which provokes subconscious ideas, the fantasy of inner images. It is the question of the search for “super reality”. In order to understand the specificity of the style of Bedriska Znojemska we must also emphasize her masterly work with the paints for she has acquired an entirely original technique of work with the paint. Expert analysis shows that the modern symbolism of Bedriska Znojemska is beautiful and majestic in many respects. (Excerpt) Art Addiction Internet Art Museum: Civil name Božena Krejcova, born Fritzova, born in 1928 in Znojmo. 1947 grammar school in Ceske Budejovice. 1950 excluded from studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague during political purges. At the same time all types of schools are prohibited to her. 1951- 1956 private studies of painting under the supervision of the artists Emanuel Frinta and František Ketzek. 1959 marriage with Borivoj Krejci and with it the beginning of common work in the fied of church art, at the exhibitions, the decoration of bells etc. Today the authoress lives and works Prague.