medial 4. art biennial
Elena Del Fabbro Italy



1.MOTHER FALLING, 2008 PYROGRAPHY* on wood and acrylic 60x35x1 cm. Euro 2900    2.MOTHER, 2006 acrylic, pens, oil pastels, 3D paper sticked on surface on paper board 100x70 cm. Euro 3100     3.PROTECTED OR JUST ALONE?, 2009 acrylic, oil pastels and pens on paper/canvas board 80x60 cm. Euro 2650      4.MOON, 2010 elaborated digital collage (drawings/photo) printed on matte photographic paper sticked on plastic board 80x50x0.5 cm. Euro 820     













I tend to fish from my unfinished projects, drew by chance during my past years, so that I can then give dignity to what looks abandoned and neglected. To create the mixture, I use the pc, as it enables me to use supports, techniques and concepts which are not necessarily homogenous - so often they all come from something so different from their arrival point. It is the same for what I use for the more traditional works; they were often born for other purposes, which have now lost their usefulness. Going on, I have moved from an attention towards people – to what you can actually guess about their own story – to an attention towards their relationships. I am obsessed by relations and bonds, not a very deep level, I am attracted by what you see, what you can externally observe. I am interested in the need and suffering and in the dignity and strength where you would less expect them. I often trace compassion, extreme strengthens and courage. I just point out that I am talking about need of a personality to be complete, full and to the need for spirituality proximity; I am not talking about the need for food or clothes, I am interested in the social sphere. On the end I look for so long that I feel I am wearing out all this. I look till the stillness that my stupor gives me does not become “being aware of so much beauty.” Everything that I am doing answers my very own need to have certain characters nearby, and that is their only way to stay close. Lately, I have started to become fascinating by the environment that contains all these relationships. I am still curious and fascinated by mothers as well, I tend to represent them everywhere. I have created characters that they are what and who they are due to their mothers. I believe we are what and who we are due to their intervention; I find this relationship extremely fascinating. The fulcrum is the relationships, the bonds and concatenations that strike my imagination; it is their tangle that becomes representation of positions in space. I think about the structure of the relations and the environment and I create a body and a scenario to suit a personality. I try to create associations through colours and shapes that illuminate the bonds between its components and the nature of the different characters.


* The pyrography is made with a hot point that burns wood