medial 3. art biennial [2011]
Eric Akcevak, USA



1.Glacial Kiss, 2011 Glacial Rock and wood 12x12,5 x5 in. US$ 1299.00   2.Woodwing, 2011 Hardwoods 22,5x9x5 in. US$ 1099.00   3.Life boa, 2011 Hardwoods 13x8x3,25 in. US$ 1099.00.   4.Origin, 2011 Hardwoods 18x3,5x6,5 in. US$ 1099.00    5.Trophy, 2011 Hardwoods 20x11x4 in. US$ 1199.00    6.WMD I, 2011 bambo, woods 36,5x9x4 in. US$ 1299.00




















My sculptures and paintings use organic forms and surfaces as a counterpoint to more precise processes and components. In my paintings, colors and exacting compositions structure an organic subsurface. The "collage canvases" are free form in spirit and use assorted materials to create a colorful and textural sketch for the paintings. The textures and materials of the canvas are an integral part of the process and of the final painted surface and subject.
In my sculptures, tooled elements define and present an organic core. The natural core form is refined as needed and the supporting elements are shaped using power and hand tools. Natural elements and characteristics within each element are preserved to help sketch its form and preserve its character. Different types of wood are often mixed within one sculpture in the spirit of the randomness of life and creativity. (Eric Akcevak)