medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Fadhel Al-Abbar Kuwait



1.Ballet, 2005 Bronze 39 cm High, US$ 3500    2.Bending, 2007 Bronze 40 cm High, US$ 3000     3.Harmoni, 2003 Bronze 39 cm High, US$ 4500    4.Leap frog, 2007 Bronze 37 cm High, US$ 3500













Sculptor, Born In Kuwait 1946. He loved art since childhood. He was always hand-crafted. His love of art grew when he attended Shuwaikh high school in 1960.In one of the hand craft classes he hand -crafted several wooden sculptures of birds in which some were exhibited for the whole year at school. Others were used as examples to other schools in Kuwait. In 1964 he traveled to The U.S.A. to study engineering. But his start was in formative arts. He studied art for one and a half years at Buena Vista College in the State of Iowa in 1966-67. He then moved to the University of Arizona and obtained a B.S. in Landscape Architecture. He also took a few courses in art as long. He continued his studies at the University of Arizona and gained a Master degree also in Landscape Architecture in 1973. He also continued taking art courses in the same period. After his graduation, he worked as a Landscape Architect with Kuwait Municipality from 1969 till 1978. His major achievement was the Kuwait Waterfront Project, among many public garden designs. His actual art activities started in 1987 when he developed his style to include a mixed media of oil pastel and gouache. His first solo exhibition of this media was in Kuwait Museum in 1988, and then followed with another exhibition at the exhibition hall at Abdullah Al-Salem Neighborhood in 1989. He took a long leave to settle in Holland for seven years from 1995 till 2002 where he started studying sculpture at an institute nearby for two years. He then transferred to a more professional academy of free arts in Nunspeet city. He studied sculpture for 4 years and obtained a degree in general sculpture. His works consisted of wood, stone, bronze and mixed media sculptures. During his stay in Holland he held more than 15 exhibitions in castles, historical places, music halls, exhibition halls, government halls and many other places.  In 1988 he was invited to Sweden to perform a sculpture in pressed ice at Lulea city. Later in 2000 he was also invited to do an ice sculpture in Quebec City in Canada. His love of classical music started early in life when he went to study in the U.S.A. But later in life, he took his first piano lessons in 1978 with a Slovak pianist Pavol Kovac for two years. Several years of practice he was able to hold recitals at Kuwait University Music Club and embassies until 1990.