medial 3. art biennial [2014]
Frances Fay Kelley. USA



1.canyon sunset, acrylic on canvas 60x48 in., US$ 2,000.00    2.crossroads, acrylic on canvas 30x48 in., US$ 650.00    3.Flight Blues, acrylic on canvas 20x16 in., US$ 300.00   4.Red Wings, acrylic on canvas 18x14 in., US$ 300.00    5.Windswept, acrylic on canvas 36x48 in., US$ 1,000.00     6.Wrens, acrylic on canvas 18x14 in., US$ 300.00
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Painting is a joy for me. My works have evolved from photo realism to abstract. The landscape and figurative painting gives me freedom to paint for the pure fun of creating. Growing up in an artistic family, I was handed a paint set at a very early age. I have paintings in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Boston, Lakeland, FL, Washington D.C. and Carthage, NY. The Manor House Gallery in Texas displayed most of my art while living in San Antonio, where I was born. Currently, I live in Florida.