medial 3. art biennial [2016]
Francesco Ruspoli. Great Britain



1.ASSEMBLAGE OF AN INSTANT, 2015 oil on canvas 40X60 in. | 101.6X152.4 cm., US$ 6.350.00.   2.CITY OF DREAMS, 2015 oil on canvas 48X30 in. | 121.9X76.2 cm., US$ 3.880.00.   3.DECLINE, 2016 oil on canvas 48X60 in. | 121.9X152.4 cm., US$ 7.050.00.   4.FRACTURED, 2016 oil on canvas 48X60 in. | 121.9X152.4 cm., US$ 7.050.00.   5.NEW DEVELOPMENTS, 2015 oil on canvas 40X60 in. | 101.6X152.4 cm., US$ 6.350.00.   6.REFUGE, 2016 oil on canvas 40X60 in. | 101.6X152.4 cm., US$ 7.050.00.   7.RENDEZ VOUS, 2015 oil on canvas 48X30 in. | 121.9X76.2 cm., US$ 3.880.00.   8.SCALE OF LOVE, 2015 oil on canvas 40X60 in. | 101.6X152.4 cm., US$ 6.350.00.   9.SUSPECT, 2016 oil on canvas 40X60 in. | 101.6X152.4 cm., US$ 7.050.00.   10.THE EDGE OF MEMORY, 2015 oil on canvas 36X48 in. | 91.4X121.9 cm., US$ 4.410.00.   11.THE TEMPTATION, 2015 oil on canvas 48X30 in. | 121.9X76.2 cm., US$ 3.380.00 .   12.UNSETTLED TIMES, 2015 oil on canvas 36X48 in. | 91.4X121.9 cm., US$ 4.410.00.
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My stylistic research started with a strong fascination for the Surrealistic movement with Dali and de Chirico. (Francesco Ruspoli)


Born 1958 in Paris from a British mother and a Belgian father with an Italian background Ruspoli debuted in a group show at the Museum: “Bastion St Andre” in Antibes, France. He went on to present his work in salons and galleries increasing international exposure. He has been recipient of a number of important prizes and medals such as, to mention few, the Eugene Fromentin Award in France, Gold Medal from Beijing Olympic Fine Art in China, Silver Medal from Grand Prix of Rome in Italy. In 1986 Ruspoli was chosen to submit some works for the highly prestigious Automn Salon in Paris, France from which he was contacted by Galerie Atlante for a two years contract. During this time Ruspoli was approached by the British Phoenix gallery where he had several exhibitions and brought him to England. Inspired by new surroundings Ruspoli moved towards a new way of working stimulated by the influences of artists such as Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Henri Matisse, Edward Munch and Egon Schiele. His work frequently places the human figures and nature in an abstract environment supported by a vivid use of colours where subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuance of emotion and sensuous physicality. The work also expresses the direct sensation of lived experience through organic shapes and forms woven from flowing lines and the gaze of the viewer. You are invited to participate in a creative encounter with theses elements constructing your own visual languages and meanings.
“Art is about sharing visual ideas. My canvas may not have a front or a back cover but I try with each study, each painting to represent a work to be read rather than stared at. If through my work as an artist I am able to stimulate thoughts and feelings then I have achieved my goal.”

Nevertheless, I needed something else to express my true feelings. Therefore, I have discovered when I left France for England a new way with the Scottish School of expressionism and Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, De Kooning, Kokoschka. This revelation has been a decisive turn in my creativity from a figurative approach I have slowly turned towards abstraction, still keeping a figurative touch in my work. In fact, I wanted to mix abstraction to figuration and vice versa supported by a powerful use of colours. My visual gesture is informal and spontaneous at the same time impulsive and controlled. I would like to attach the constructive part produced by the use of strong colours to the illusion of depth, which diminish the vision plane of a picture to create its own autonomy. Then everything is just pure feelings and sensation, which transmit to the viewer this indefinable accomplishment. The constant movement of life and its challenges, and more especially our responses in order to survive it, have been a lifelong source of intrigue for me. Growth is a continual struggle and yet we are inspired to keep up with it and strive to get ahead of the game. This concept of evolution is strongly represented in my work. When I started painting, I found that I was influenced by the early childhood experiences of a strict religious and educational background. My work was dark in subject, colour and texture. As I have matured, my art has expressed itself through several series, ranging in subject matter drawn from urban life and social groups to the powerful forces of nature. Vivid colour and bold textures have emerged into the many series of my work. Sweeping lines and expressive gesturing, which reflects my own inner journey of conquering my own demons has replaced earlier more restrictive emotional expressions. For instance in some series I use crosses of paint on the canvas in strong contrasting colours, which apart from creating a joyous picture also emphasise my own spiritual growth. In conclusion, I feel that the different elements I have mentioned earlier reflect my own developing journey through life and my response to the continual challenges with which I am faced both as an artist and as a person.

Francesco Ruspoli

2008 Gold Medal, Beijing Olympic Fine Art, China
1998 Knight of the Art, Academy Greco-Marino, Italy
1995 Master Degree, Central St Martin School of Art, England
1994 Academician, Academy Greco-Marino, Italy
1991 Bronze Medal, Mairie 17em Paris, France
1988 Gold Medal, Institute French Culture, France
1987, Eugene Fromentin Award, Federation Latin, France
1986 Silver Medal, Institute French Culture, France
1986 Golden Painting of the Year, Institute of French Culture, France
1985 Bronze Medal, Biennial Villeneuve Loubet, France
1985 Silver Medal, Grand Prix of Rome, Italy

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1999 Mind the Gap, Canal Café Theatre
1997 The May, Barons Court Theatre
1995 Snuff, London Film Festival
1995 Commercial, CTVC Studios
1995 Triangle, Cochrane Theatre
1994 Loves Labours Lost, Cochrane Theatre
1994 Shakespeare’s Universe, Barbican