medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Gabriel Simoens Belgium


       dance dimension 1, 2008 mixed media 100x120 cm. € 3600 dance dimension 2, 2008 mixed media 100x120 cm. € 3600 dance dimension 3, 2008 Chinese ink on photo print 100x40 cm. € 1000 dance dimension 4, 2008 mixed media on canvas 50x50 cm. € 750 portrait 1, 2005 pastel on linen camouflaged on hardboard 50x50 cm. € 500 portrait 2, 2005 oil on canvas 70x60 cm. € 1000 portrait 5, 2009 acryl on hardboard 62x55 cm. € 720 portrait 7, 2009 oil on canvas 60x100 cm. € 1400


























During the last 20 years, I became more and more interested in ‘dance’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘the movement of the human figure’, and how to capture one single moment out of these actions. It interested me to express this moment not only in a figurative way but also in an abstract way. Such a ‘movement of the human figure’ for me is a real event which I want to express as one abstract sensation, in colors and in shapes. My style has become more and more abstract, incontestable influenced by the new digital media. Capturing a movement of dance in its whole on video, is a very interesting way of finding inspiration in all of these successive and different poses. They keep impressing me over and over again, as a never ending action in life…