medial 3. art biennial [2014]
Gary Barnhart. CANADA



1.Cauldron of Isis, 2013 Marble H24"xL24"xW10 in., US$ 40,000.00    2.Etruscan Memories, 2012 Marble H18"xL14"xW5 in., US$ 30,000.00    3.In Decision of You, 2013 Marble H12"xL10"xW6 in., US$ 12,500.00   4.July Moon, 2010 Alabaster H12"xL10"xW8 in., US$ 15,000.00    5.Orion's Way, 2013 Alabaster H13"xL9"xW7 in., US$ 15,000.00    6.Shades of Grey, 2010 Alabaster H12"xL10"xW8 in., US$ 15,000.00   7.The Embrace, 2010 Marble H13"xL5"xW3 in., US$ 15,000.00   8.Under a New Moon, 2014 Alabaster H10"xL8"xW6 in., US$ 12,000.00
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Gary was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1951and studied visual arts at York University and at the University of Ottawa. He has had a successful teaching career which eventually lead to the development of his own teaching studio the Barnhart Fine Art Studios.

Gary has received the Premio Ercole d'Este Award for Sculpture by Trevisan International Art at "Liberated Dreams" 2012 in Ferrara, Italy and the Lorenzo Medici Award for Sculpture, 2011 and 2013, at the VIII and IX Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy.

Recently his travels to Italy have provided him with the opportunity to examine early Etruscan artifacts. Urns, miniature bronze sculpture and shards of pottery found in the Archeology Museums in Florence, Bologna and Ferrara, have provided new inspiration for his work as a sculptor.

Exhibits include:

2015 X Florence Biennale Florence, Italy.
2015 Art Monaco 2015, Mona Youssef Art Gallery, Kingston, Canada.

2014 "Synchronies", Sala Prado Ateneo de Madrid, Trevisan International Art, Madrid, Spain.
2014 Artifact Digital Representation, New York NY USA.

2013 IX Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy.
2013 "Elements of Expression 2013", Creative Concepts Inc. NYC, USA.

2012 The Effetto Biennale-Merida, Merida, Mexico.
2012 "Liberated Dreams", Trevisan International Art, Ferrara, Italy.
2012 "Little Treasures", Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy.

2011 The VIII Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy.

2010 "Creative Energy", Trevisan International Art, Ferrara, Italy.
2010 Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Canada.