medial 3. art biennial [2010]
Ignacio Montano USA



1.In our new world who is he, Oil on canvas NFS    2.KANT ARRIVAL AT PARIS.EUROPA JUPITER, Oil on canvas   3.LAO TZE ARRIVAL AT TITAN SATURN YEAR 2100, Oil on canvas    4.MAIND AND PEACE STOCKHOLM-JUPITER, Oil on canvas    5.Our arrival to Beijin early morning, Oil on canvas    6.OUR EA EARLY ARRIVAL PANDORA SATURN, Oil on canvas   7.Robotic trilogy Telesto Saturn, Oil on canvas   8.SHANGHAI STATION ERARTH MOON,, Oil on canvas    9.The begining of fast in one of our religions at Jerusalem, Oil on canvas    10.The Po river Rome-1000 BC, Oil on canvas    11.Understress City of London Mars, Oil on canvas    12.Washington City Earth Moon year 2080, Oil on canvas