medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Ilana Segev Israel


       in hands, 2008 oil on canvas 60x80 cm, US$ 1400   2.daisies, 2008 oil on canvas 90x90 cm, US$ 1500    3.fragile world, 2008 oil on canvas 80x100 cm, US$ 1500   4.Innocence, 2007 oil on canvas 50v60 cm, US$ 1100 to the blue, 2008 oil on canvas 100x100 cm, US$ 1800    6.the look, 2007 oil on canvas 35x45 cm, US$ 1100   7.The real world, 2008 oil on canvas 70x90 cm, US$ 1200   8.Victoria, 2008 oil on canvas120x90 cm, US$ 2000


























As I can remember my self I was drawing and painting. Most of my life people told me that art is not a profitable profession so I didn't even try to made art as profession , didn't go to art school and related art as hobby, until it hit me that I can't stop painting and drawing even at my work as secretary I was painting all over the walls in the office and in every spare moment from work I drew something or someone , so I understood that if I won't do this for the rest of my life I will be an unhappy person and I will return to that in my later years when maybe it will be too late. I'm inspired by everything I see and hear , I'm thinking all the time about my next art piece, my senses never stop working. My main inspiration comes from other artists, their art and techniques; I'm also inspired by successful people in any field of life. In every one of my painting I'm trying to say something , to express my feelings or insights of the world and life as I see it, my paintings can be interpreted in many ways and this is my goal , to make the viewer stop next to it and think, not just go by. I believe in creativity and uniqueness, I have been experienced in many mediums and styles, this day's most of my art work is realistic and surrealistic. My main aim is to bring something new in this world, something that people didn't see yet.