medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Maria Aratún Spain



1.Angels, Oil on canvas 54x73 cm.     2.Burns up space, oil on canvas 46x82 cm.     3.Butterfly impact, oil on canvas 46x82 cm.     4.Chaos, oil on canvas 46x82 cm.     5.Double moon, oil on canvas 40x100 cm.     6.Earth enware Butterfly, oil sand salt on canvas 62x51 cm.




















Maria Aratún was born in Barcelona, Catalonia where she lives since end 1975. She spent her education phase in Istanbul. She has a degree in piano and is a YWCA graduate. Even though she is a self-taught artist, she was introduced to what becomes her great passion, oil painting, by the American painter Andrew Locker. The multi-lingual Maria Aratún has lived throught the world, acquiring an international understanding that informs the individualized visual language that characterizes her body of work. In Barcelona, working professionally in the business world in different American Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies allowed her the necessary recollection to create, apart from other more coercive needs. Her stunning and powerful abstract art research with rhythm and colours create an intense and emotional results. Her paint is the expression of her optimistic outlook on life and her passion for the creative act of painting. Her works reveal their power through the brightness of colours, the different effects of forms, the different textures and the magnetic energy from the pictorial sign which springs from the canvas. For the artist each painting is a birth. She provides the breath, the light and life to each vibrant canvas. Maria Aratún’s paintings are exhibited internationally and included in numerous private and corporate collections