medial 3. art biennial [2014]
Marie Anne Baron FRANCE



1.FISSION DE L'OEUF, 2013 Mixed Media 89x130 cm., US$ 3900   2.L'ATTENTE, 2011 ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 81x116 cm., US$ 3100   3.LES 3 SOEURS, 2010 Mixed Media 81x116 cm., US$ 3100   4.METEORITE 2, 2009 Mixed Media 38x55 cm., US$ 950   5.MONTAGNES JAUNES, 2013 Mixed Media 40x80 cm., US$ 1200  6.ON THE WAY, 2011 Mixed Media 38x56 cm., US$ 950   7.UN CERTAIN REGARD ORANGE, 2012 ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 46x38 cm., US$ 900   8.vULCANO, 2013 ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 89x130 cm., US$ 3900
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After several decades of dealing antiques (art objects and paintings) from Asia, I made the decision to go back to my first love: painting that I learned during my studies at Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris. Both Chinese (scholars painting) and Japanese (zen painting) painting influence my works. My first exhibition was in 2007 at Bastille, GMART in Paris at the age of 53.


I often began a series of painting by a photo from my own collection (a photo taken a long time ago that I kept somewhere in my mind) and a story come slowly and find his way. "Hommage à un inconnu" "Pingouin cairote a perdu le Nord" were made this way. For "Terra Incognita" my source of inspiration was nature, the future of nature, the memory of nature. For «Collections», a reflexion about everyday life, wandering, odyssey, solitude, love ... LIFE. I work with «jus de peinture», a kind of painting's juice (oil or acrylic), I wash and wash again the canvas and then layers of older painting come slowly on canvas as layers of life in mind (childhood in the country side in Tours, teenager in the Switzerland mountains, studies of architecture in Paris, works in Asia antics ...) as visuals and feelings memories.
I live in Paris and my main studio is there. Even if often I'm going out of Paris, back in Switzerland or in countryside near Tours and now more and more in Pays Basque, where I work too, I always come back with pleasure to my Marais's studio. The mind full of sight such as the Flisch's of Basque coast, kind of stone plates built by ocean strength, or the mineralogy of Diableret's glacier in Switzerland, or the bicentenaries 's cedars in the Beaumont la Ronce 's forest. I traveled for many years in Asia, when I was fourteen with my parents up to fifty (for business and pleasure). These trips fed me and opened my mind. Now, I'm travelling in Museums (Paris of course, Bilbao, Londres ...). Marlene Dumas, Miguel Barcelo, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Cy Twombly, Rauschenberg are painters I admire. And I understand how all these topics become the layers of my inspiration.