medial 3. art biennial [2016]
Michal Ashkenasi. Israel



1.Abstract 46, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   2.Abstract b, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   3.Abstract Nature, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   4.Abstract Nature 38-2, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   5.Abstract With Aluminum, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   6.Abundance, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   7.Almondtrees.jpg, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   8.Bubbles 2.jpg blue, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   9.Digital Nature 2, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.   10.Ethiopia, 2016 digital Photo Fusion  11.Sunset 2, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.  12.Light Flower, 2016 digital Photo Fusion.
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Michal Ashkenasi was born in the Netherlands and after WW II left to live in Israel. She emigrated to Israel in 1951 and settled in kibutz Gvar-Am, where she married and lived for 17 years. After leaving the kibutz, the family moved to an agriculture school in the vicinity of Haifa.

A widow with 2 married sons, 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. An artist from 1984 after finishing the Haifa University. She is very influenced by her surroundings and even after living for 45 years in the center near the sea she has still not forgot her 17 years in the south near the Negev Desert. The wide spaces , the colors and the contrasts they all have a part in the work she does. With the end of her study, she became a member of the Horev Studio in Haifa, where she worked with the late G. Davidovitz for 2 years and, after his death, with the known Israeli artist, Jacob Zim, for several years. From 1990-1996 she had her own studio and gallery in Sefad and was a member of the Artist Colony there.


“It is difficult to think about my life without Art. It is like food and sleep, part of my existence. I work minimalist in order to capture the essence, without the “frills’ and leave it to the onlooker to ‘feel’. No wonder Mark Rothko is one of my admired artists. Aside of painting I do photography and digital painting, in which I try to catch the “Drama in the frame”.


Till now she did 27 solo paintings shows and seven solo photography shows, and participated in 48 groups exhibitions. She was awarded 6 international awards and three letters of excellence. Had ten publications: one in France, one in Italy, three in Germany, five in Israel. Her work has been collected in: France, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, USA and Israel. Apart of painting she does also photography and digital paintings. With the digital, after experimenting a long time she found a special way of work, which she calls Photo-Fusion. In this kind of work she uses her Photos and images of her paintings and mix them till she comes to what she wanted.

Nowadays she lives and works at her home in Kfar-Saba. She is a member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors from 1987. She is also a member of the "Point of View" Group in Kfar – Saba , which is a group of 12 artists with the goal of working around an idea and exhibiting together. She is a member of the I.C.U. organization in Haifa. Ashkenasi's work is purchased all over the world and can be found in collections in Israel, the USA, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania, France and Italy.


Individual Exhibitions:

1987 – Beth Halochem, Haifa.
1988 – Mofet Gallery, Jerusalem.
1990 – Zeist, Holland.
1990 – 1996 Her own studio and exhibition/gallery in Sefad, Israel.
1996 – 1998 Studio and exhibition/gallery in Ben-Shemen, Israel.
1999 – Beth Asia, Tel-Aviv.
2000 – Gallery Danon, Tel-Aviv.
2001 – Galeria de Art Zero , Barcelona, Spain.
2002 – Elah House, Tel-Aviv.
2003 – Gallery Ophir, Tel-Aviv.
2004 – Gallery Picasso, Castra, Haifa.
2005 – Gallery Alternative, Tel-Aviv.
2006 – Gallery Krieger, Center of Arts, Haifa.
2006 – Gallery "Studio Oman", Hadera.
2007 – Museum Hanita, Hanita, Paintings.
2008/9 – Museum Hanita, Hanita; photography.
2009- Gallery "Studio Oman", Hadera; photography.
2009 – Migdalei Yam-Hatichon, Kfar-Saba; photography.
2010 – Gallery 'Art Mabat' ', Kfar Saba, Israel. Painting .
2010 – Gallery Alternative, Paris, France. Painting.
2011 – Gallery "Studio Oman" Hadera, Retrospective. Paint & Photography.
2012 – Gallery "Art Mabat", Kfar Saba. Israel. Painting.
2013 – Gallery "Beth Sapir", Kfar Saba, Photography.
2014 – Gallery Artisima, MonteCarlo de Luca, Italy. Painting.
2015 – Migdalei Yam – Hatichon, Kfar Saba, Israel. Photography.
2015 – The Chan Museum, Ashkelon, Israel. Photography.
2016 - The Artist House, Haifa, Israel. Painting.
2016 – HaSadna Le’amanut – Yavne. Israel. Painting.
2016 – Migdalei Yam – Hatichon, Kfar Saba. Israel. Painting.
2017 – Protea Bekfar – Bnei Dror, Israel. Painting.
2017 – Hotel Las Letras, Lisbon, Portugal. Prints.
2017 – Migdalei Yam Hatichon, Ganei Tiqva, Israel. Paintings.
Since 1987 she participated in more than 40 Group Exhibitions in Israel as well in Europe.

2017 – The International Galileo Prize, Pisa, Italy .
2016 – The International Casanova Prize, Venice, Italy.
2016 – The International Colosseo Prize, Rome, Italy.
2015 – The Certificate of Excellence, Palm Art, Leipzig, Germany.
2007 – The "Anthony Van Deyck 2007 Award", Lecce, Italy.
2006 – She was appointed as Honorable Professor, Associate Academician at the Academia del la Arte "Greci-Marino" del Verbano, Italy.
2004 – The Big Gold Medal at Festival des Arts , Cannes, France.
2003 – The Bronze Medal at the "Salon des Artistes Francais", Paris, France.

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Who’s Who in Visual Art, Art Domain Whois Verlag, Germany 2014-15.
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International Kunst Heute 2016, Martine Kolle and Dr .Ingrid Gardill, Germany.
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