medial 3. art biennial [2015]
Mitko Zhelezarov. BULGARIA



1.Love, acrylic on canvas 65x54 cm.,   2.Love II, acrylic on canvas 65x50 cm.,3.Untitled, collage 40x40 cm.,   4.Untitled, collage 40x40 cm.,    5.Untitled, collage 40x40 cm.,    6.Untitled, acrylic on canvas 40x50.,.    7.Relax, acrylic on canvas 65x54 cm.,.    8.The Artist
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Mitko Zhelezarov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1966. He studied at the Pedagogic Colleges of Fine Art, Bulgaria in 1988. In 1998 graduaded Royal Fine Art , Haggue , Holland.

Mitko gives expression to his ideas and emotions using abstract and symbolistic imagery. His creative pursuit is intimate, specific and carries the power of suggestion. He prefers to use vivid expressive colours with complex and soft shades to create ambitious, bright imagery. Mitko draws on the old traditions of Christian Iconographic painting, recreated in a contemporary and up-to-date manner. Major symbols used in his work include keys, numbers, letter, eyes and fish. HIs sole thought, when he finalizes a painting, is to carry the positive feeling of life that people can take with them.

2002 First Prize, International Art Collages, Paris, France
1998 Prize for Tempera on Paper, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 Special Award Miniature Oil Paintings, Seoul, Korea
1990 First Prize, Black and White Drawings ; Bus. Assoc. of Plodiv, Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Greece, Holland, Germany, Korea, USA, Belgium, Cyprus, France, England, Finland.