medial 3. art biennial [2015]



1.HOMAGE TO WOMEN, 2011 CLOTH, EMBROIDERY, BUTTON, LACE, SERIGRAPHY, BUTTON, ZIP, THREAD AND WIREMESH ARMATURE 350 CM hight.   2.colere des plasticiens, 2015 chine colle, woodcut and silkscreen 200x90 cm.   3.CARCINOMA, 2005 SERIGRAPHY, WOODCUT, VISCOSITY, ETCHING 150X50 CM.   4.BACK TO THE FAMILY, 2007 LINOCUT AND SERIGRAPHY 100X90 CM.    5.ABOLITION OF SLAVERY, 2015 WOODCUT PRINT 250X60 CM.    6.ARRIVAL OF THE INDIAN IMMIGRANTS, 2011 LINOCUT AND SERIGRAPHY 225X75 CM.    7.knowledge, 2015 miniature books /silkscreen/ drawing and monoprint 300x75 cm.    8.USE ME DECENTLY, 2015 WOOD AND ALUMINIUM FOIL AND LACE 100X40 X125 CM.
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Women yesterday and today
Change is ever-constant; the role of women is rapidly changing with their influx into fields and jobs that were once 'reserved' for their male counter-parts. Women have thus gained a certain degree of personal and social freedom. This change has been to a large extent brought about through the access to education for one and all. If we forget for once the criticisms that were made against the 'free education for all' in 1976, we would not be having this exhibition today; twenty-five Mauritian women artists who have gone a long way from the traditional landscapes to new techniques such as digital Art and Installations.
In the Middle Ages women worked in isolation, sometimes in convents. Women were thought of being unable to produce works of Art. They were still associated with the home, with child-bearing, child-rearing and home-caring. Unfortunately, in some societies, the status of women has not changed much, and in others, not at all.
Whereas in Mauritius, the past century saw a fight for 'universal suffrage', in the West, the 'suffragette' movement spoke volumes of the plight of women. In the field of Art, no museum or gallery would accept a painting from a woman artist. No Art school would accept female 'students'. Some worked under male artists acting as the masters. Their works had to bear the signature of their masters; the case of Camille Claudel and Rodin is now well known.
Mary Cassatt was a tireless champion for the cause of women artists; she ceaselessly struggled to overcome traditional barriers. Art was regarded as an occupation unsuitable for women. When things changed, women artists produced an Art that was non-critical and not intended to shock viewers. Thus, feminism in their art was executed in the solitude of their homes; they painted the working-class, motherhood and their environment.
We, in Mauritius, have traveled a long way. The twenty-five works of Mauritian women artists together with those of five foreign women artists bear testimony to the evolution of Art amongst the women artists.
This exhibition gives everyone attending the meeting an opportunity to exchange views and pay tribute to women in the context of the International Women's Day declared by the United Nations for tomorrow, 8th of March, each year.
On behalf of the women artists, I wish to put on record the help extended by Mr Dan Callikan, the Director-General of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. He gladly agreed to host and sponsor the exhibition in the lounge of the new MBC House.
I wish to thank the National Art Gallery for its contribution
I must also thank those who have helped make this exhibition a success; they extended their help throughout the project.
My congratulations to all the participating artists, and I wish all readers a pleasant viewing of the works.
                   (Mrs) Neermala Luckeenarain. 


Curriculum Vitae
Nationality: Mauritian.
Qualifications: Completed PHd Poona University. India.
Master in Visual Arts BRIGHTON ENGLAND
POST Diploma in Fine arts and Craft (1973-1979)
1979 - Certificate course Abba Art Institute
2012 - Certificate of Attendance- 5day course in Project Leadership with Team SYNthesis 5th to 9th November.
Certificate of RECOGNITION – MAGIC TREEfor fund raising initiative. 15 December 2011.

Address -

Michael Leal Street,
Loreto Convent Street
Curepipe Road
Phone - ®0230 6763058 / (M)02307905304
Email -

1978 - Bronze Medal. J.J. School of Arts Mumbai. India
1979 - Certificate prize ABBA Art Institute. Mumbai. India.
2011 - Gold Medal –Ministry of Tourism.
2010 - Global women project USA.
2012 - 9th International Women Exhibition. England.
2012 - Citoyenne D’Honneur de la ville de Curepipe. Mauritius.

2010 - National Library of Port Louis. Kaleidoscope- the war between the French and the English people at Vieux Grand Port.
2000 - Arrival of Immigrants. Municipality of Curepipe.
2005 - Kala Bhavan Shantiniketan West Bengal India.
1998 - Arrival of Immigrants to Mauritius. Aapravasi Ghat.
1999 - National Museum of Mauritius. Arrival of immigrants to Mauritius.
1997 - Alliance Francaise, Bell Village Mauritius.
1997 - Ecole du Centre, Helvetia St Pierre.
1996 - Mediatex Reunion Island.
1995 - Festival de Maurice, Edmonton United Kingdom.
1992 - Gallery D’Art Port Louis.
1982 - Max Boulle Art Gallery. Municipality of Beau Bassin- Rose Hill.Mauritius.

International Exhibitions:
2014 - Aifacs. All India Fine Arts and Crafts society. 87th annual Internal exhibition of Prints, painting and sculpture.New Delhi. India.
2014 - Anugooj- Kalakriti Foundation. New Delhi, India
2014 - International Exhibition Archipelago IFM Rose Hill.
2013 - Renaissance. IFM Rose Hill.
2013 - International Print Exhibition ART SPACE Canada.
2013 - International Exhibition- LA BELLE PEINTURE Phoenix Les Halles. Mauritius organised by FRAC from Reunion Island.
2013 - “HARVEST” Alumni J.J. School of Arts. Exhibition Jehangeer Art Gallery 10TH June to 16th June. Mumbai. India.
2012 - 4 Islanders. 11-17 February. AIFACS, 1 Rafi Marg New Delhi. India.
2011 - Renaissance pARTage IfM 15 October to 5 November. Mauritius.
2011 - Land art pArtage Mauritius
2010 - International Exhibition on Ecology ACA association, BOI insurance. Port Louis.
2010 - CREATIVE GENIUS. 100 Contemporary Artists, Master’s of To-day.
2009 - Miniature book project. The Myers School of Art. University of Akron, USA.
2009 - TIES - International exhibition Visuals Arts of the Indian Diaspora School of Fine Arts, Mahatma Gandhi Institute. 2oth July – 3 August 2009.
2008 - Gangifa, Deck of Cards, Vadodara India. Participation of 54 artists.
2008 - Global Art project (postcards) USA
2007 - International Women’s Exhibition, Mauritius
2006 - 12TH International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C. TAIWAN. Museum of Fine Arts.
2006 - International Printmaking Exhibition at Mahatma Gandhi Institute.
2006 - International Cradle exhibition New York USA. “Title of work- Julla”.
2005 - 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art Mauritius. 1-10 December.
2005 - Eastafab Trienale Tanzania
2004 - International Print Exhibition. Krakow Poland.
2004 - Exhibition organised by “pARTage” at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.
2003 - 9th Cairo International Biennale Egypt.
2002 - 1st Triennial of Contemporary Art of the Indian Ocean. 15 Nov – 1 December. National Museum of Port Louis.
2002 - International Doll exhibition USA New York
2001 - Learn from the past – Learn from the Future – Meditation Centre,New york
2000. global women project USA New York City.
1998 - Mauritian Week in Holland.
1998 - The Grand Exhibition of African Art in Beijing, China.
1997 - 4th Triennale Mondiale d’estampes petit format Chamalieres. Auvergne. France.
1997 - 9th Trienale. Mandi House. New Delhi India.
1996 - International Exhibition – GOPIO- Municipality of Quatre-Bornes.
1995 - Participation with Le Collectif at Plaines des Caffres: Reunion.
1995 - Group Show Theme- ‘L’Alliance prend son envol’ – Reunion
1995 - International Exhibition GOPIO, Municipality of Quatre Bornes
1994 - Participated at the inter-island exhibition organized by Fond Regional d’Art Contemporain.
1994 - Group Show at Bruxelles.
1994 - Group Show Longjumeau, France.
1993 - Participation Salon d’Automne, Paris.
1993 - Mascareignes Group Show – Local Council Rodrigues.
1993 - Participation in the Salon d’Automne, Paris, France.
1992 - UNESCO.International print. England.
1988 - Group show Petit Palais, Versailles, France

Workshops /Symposiums
2014 - Archipelago Social Center Flic en Flac and IFM Rose Hill.
2013 - Renaissance. IFM RoseHill.
2011 - Art in the forest. pARTage group. National Park Black River.
2010 - Reunion island. Workshop School of Fine Arts
2010 - Commemoration of 100 years war between the French and the English people.
2010 - Workshop at Musee du Sel, St Leu. Reunion island. On the theme“PEACE”.
2010 - Homage to Lia Grambiler Auvergne Chamaliere France.
2010 - During Renaissance Exhibition – organised workshop for students of 8 to 12 years old.,Institut Francais Mauricien.
2009 - TIES – International Workshop Visual Arts of the Indian Diaspora School of Fine Arts, Mahatma Gandhi Institute from 20 July – 3 August 2009.
2006 - 12th International Biennal Print and Drawing Exhibition R.O.C.
2006 - Insulart Partage Residency June-July
2006 - International Printmaking Exhibition at Mahatma Gandhi Institute Moka. Mauritius. 6th to 15th January.
2004 - Tabula Rasa. IFM Rose Hill Mauritius.
2002 - Lithography workshop Garhi New Delhi.
2005 - Residency workshop UGC Grant Shantiniketan West Bengal India. 20th December to 8th February 2005.
2005 - Partage Residency . June-July
2001 - Atelier Gravure Daniel Schlier in Photogravure, Centre Charles Baudelaire.
2000 - Okakara District Namibia. West Africa.
1997 - Windoek Namibia West Africa. SADC Countries.
1997 - Workshop in Printmaking technique, woodcut the elimination process. Ecole des Beaux Arts Reunion Island.
1997 - 15days triennale workshop. Garhi New Delhi.
1996 - Workshop Plaines des Caffes and Tampon Reunion Island.
1996 - Tulipamwe Windhoek Namibia West Africa.
1993 - Workshop in Rodrigues under L’Universite des Mascareignes. In collaboration with Frac. (Fond regional d’Art Contemporain).

2015 - Abolition of slavery. Rabindranath Tagore Institue. Mauritius.
2014 - « Bhojpuri Utsav » MEMORIES OF BIHAR INDIA. Rabindranath Tagore Institute, Koyratty Mauritius.
2014 - Archipelago, Institut Français Mauricien.
2014 - Salon de Mai. Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Mauritius.
2014 - Salon de Mai. Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Mauritius.
2013 - Salon de Mai. Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Mauritius.
2012 - 30th Anniversary MAURITIUS PORT AUTHORITY Mauritius.
2011 - Christmas Tree. Phoenix les Halles Mauritius.
2012 - Salon de Mai. Mahatma Gandhi Institute Moka.
2011 - Tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. MBC Moka.5th Oct Nov. 2011.
2011 - Renaissance at Institut Français Mauricien.
2010 - Pointe Canon. Commomerate 100 years of war between the French and the English people.
2010 - Le Morne “Liberation of slavery”
2009 - Apravasi Ghat- “Arrival of Indentured labourers”
2009 - 3rd SalonD’ete, National Art Gallery. SSRArt Gallery. Mauritius.
2008 - “Le Train”. Mapou Mauritius
2008 - 2nd Salon D’ete National Art Gallery. SSR Art Gallery. Mauritius.
2007 - 1st Salon D’ete National Art Gallery. SSR Art Gallery.Mauritius.
2007 - Exhibition by pARTage at MGI - Group show on 15th August – Indian Independance day16th Anniversary of India’s Independence.
2007 - 1st Salon D’ete. National Art Gallery Quatre Bornes.
2007 - A celebration of Mauritian Art.
2006 - Partage Residency June-July
2005 - Exhibition by pARTage at le Ravin, Moka.
2004 - Group Show pARTage at Mahatma Gandhi Institute
2004 - Groupn Show State House, Le Reduit.
2002 - Group Show – MBC : Theme ‘La Liberté’
2001 - Group Show ARTATAK Galerie Coin de Mire: Le temps d’un siecle. Talipots Productions.
2000 - Salon de Mai, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka.
2000 - Group Show – Centre Charles Baudelaire.
1999 - Group Show – Centre Charles Baudelaire – organized by the Rotary Club.
1999 - Touch and Feel, Group Show – N.P.F. Building, Port-Louis.
1999 - Group Show – Centre Charles Baudelaire by – Rotary Club of Beau Bassin.
1999 - Homage to Malcom de Chazal. Lake Point Gallery Curepipe.
1996 - International Exhibition – GOPIO, Municipality of Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.
1997 - 4th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Prints 1997.
1996 - Life & Teaching of Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi Institute.
1996 - Group Show – organized by the Mauritius Round Table – Happy World Centre, Port-Louis.
1996 - Group Show – palette des Femmes – French Ambassador’s Residence, Mauritius.
1995 - Group Show L’Alliance Française. Theme: “L’Alliance prend son envol.
1995 - Participation Gallery max Boulle: Ministry of Women’s Rights. Social Security and Child Welfare.
1995 - Group Show Galerie Coin de Mire: ‘Le Temps d’un Siècle’.
1994 - Group Show: Municipality of Port-Louis.
1994 - Group Show – Centre Culturel Charles Baudelaire.
1993 - Group Show – British American Insurance Building Port Louis, Mauritius. 11 - 28 October. 1993.
1993 - Group Show – Femmes Peintures Mauriciennes et Femmesd’Afrique, Musée de l’Histoire, Port-Louis.
1993 - Participation Salon de Réduit.
1993 - Solo Exhibition, Royal Palm.
1991 - Participation National Art Gallery Exhibitions, Mauritius.- Participation Group Show at Chinese Cultural Centre, Mauritius.
1990 - Solo Exhibition: Fine Arts Gallery, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka.
1982-2006 - Participation Annual Salon de Mai, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka
1986 - Group show Women Exhibition. Max Boulle RoseHill.
1988 - Group show RoseHill Stadium to commemorate women’s day.

2013 - Portfolio 10 Printmakers – Art Space- Canada.
2011 - Illustrated “Kaleidoscope” by Marina Carter.
2011 - The Chinese in Mauritius by Marina Carter and James Ng.
2010 - Illustrated the book Wedding in Mauritius by Sarita Boodhoo.
2009 - Illustrated the book, Across the Kalapani by Marina Carter
2008 - Illustrated Kanya Dan in Hindi.
2008 - Illustrated Stepping Stone by Marina Carter and Salonee Deerpalsingh.
2007 - Stepping Stones. Marina Carter, James Ng and Salonee
2007 - Cover design Portrait of Sir Seewsagar Ramgoolam RIM JIM.
2005 - Portfolio on International Print workshop- Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Moka Mauritius.
2006 - RIMJIM – Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.
2001 - CD production “ Artatak” Talipot Productions.
1984 - Primary School of La Tour Koenig, Pointe aux Sables, Mosaic mural . 35feet x by 40 feet.

2014 - Women’s Creativity. Group show MBC Moka.
2013 - 32nd Salon de Mai . 45 YEARS OF CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS 29 May – 8 June 2013.
2013 - The islander Magazine on Air Mauritius Flight.
2012 - 4 islanders Aifacs New Delhi India. 11-17February 2012.
2011 - Renaissance. pARTage. IFM Rose Hill.
2011 - Tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. 5th October – 20th Nov. 2011.
2008 - Renaissance IFM RoseHill
2007 - Art in Mauritius. Post Independence Issue sand Perspectives
2007 - La La La- International Women Show Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Moka- Mauritius.
2006 - 12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibitions, R.O.C. CHINA
2000 - Global Women Project New York.
2005 - International Exhibition in Malaysia.
2005 - 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art Mauritius. 1-10Dec 2005.
2003 - Biennale International Exhibition in Cairo- Egypt.
1998 - Triennale in Mauritius.
1997 - 4th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Prints.
1997 - International Triennale of New Delhi.
1997 - 4th Triennale Mondiale d’estampes petit format. Chamalieres Auvergne France.
1997 - Biennale de Seychelles.
1996 - XVII Salon de Mai. 30 years of Mauritius Art. Mahatma Gandhi Institute.
1995 - Salon de Mai Mahatma Gandhi Institute. Moka.1st, 2nd and 3rd Salon d’ete. 2007, 2008, 2009
1993 - Exposition Collective. British American Insurance Building. Port Louis.
1993 - To commemorate the Independence of Mauritius. Exhibition at Versaille France.
1992 - PORTFOLIO . Homage to the namibian artist Mafuengeo. « HOPE AND OPTIMISM » UNESCO. MARYLAND UNIVERSITY. ENGLAND.

Interviewed 23 artists of the island in Bhojpuri language. Programme of 30 minutes on
TV Bhojpuri channel 8 From November 2013 to July 2014.

Members of the Jury.
1982 - 1986 Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo Award scheme.
1996-1997-1998 - Organised workshop at the Municipality of Curepipe for children of 7 to 12 years old. Jury member also.
1996 - Ministry of Cooperative and Fisheries.
1995 - Spot Painting Competition Pamplemousses Garden.
1994 - Spot Painting Competition “Town of Curepipe”.
1992 - Spot Painting Competition, Municipality of Quatre Bornes.
1990 - Spot Painting Competition. Municipality of Port Louis.

Works in the collections:-
2014 - The External Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, presented by the Ministry of External Affairs. Title of work- “The Atlas ship”.
2014 - The External Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, presented by Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka Mauritius. Title of work-“ Aapravasi Ghat”.
2012 - “Hundred Contemporary Artist”
2010 - The Minister of Culture Mrs Vidya Patil India. Title of work- “Aapravasi Ghat”.
2008 - Dr Saxena Bombay Hospital India.
2008 - The Minister Mr Jakkar of Jaipur. India.
2005 - Tresor Building, Prime Minister’s Office.
2005 - Museum of Immigration, Moka Mahatma Gandhi Institute. The title- Passerelle.
2005 - Collection of Mr Tan Wai.
2004 - National Library of Port Louis.
2004 - 4 columns on the theme Mauritius an island of Tourism. Airport of Mauritius.
2004 - The late Ex Prime Minister of India, Mr Narasimha Rao, New Delhi, India.
2000 - Airport of Mauritius 21 prints-in woodcut and silkscreen technique for the VIP lounge.