medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Patrick Lichty USa



1.Modus Vivendi: Pieta (After Abramovic), 2008 Digital Image from Second Life, Oil 4x3 Ft. US$ 3000     2.The Passion of Cicciolina, 2008 Digital Giclee (ed.50)l 4x3 ft, US$ 5000     3.The New Saint of Louisiana 2005 oil on canvas 4x6 ft, USĄ 4000     4.The Second Supper, 2008 Digital Image from Second Life, Oil 6x3,5 ft, US$ 8000














Patrick Lichty (b.1962) is a technologically-based conceptual artist, writer, independent curator, animator for the activist group, The Yes Men, and Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. He began showing technological media art in 1989, and deals with works and writing that explore the social relations between us and media