medial 3. art biennial [2010]
Per Siwmark Sweden



1.Eris, 2010 Stoneware, metal 5,5x8x12,5 in. /14x21x33 cm. US$3000   2.Gallienus, 2009 Stoneware, metal 23x17x35 cm. NFS   3.Mars, 2009 Stoneware, metal 9x6x10,5 in. /20x16x27 cm. NFS   4.Mercurius, 2009 Stoneware, metal 10x8,5x12,5 in. /25x22x32 cm. US$ 3500   5.Optimus Princeps, 2009 Stoneware, metal 9x9x11,5 in. /20x20x30 cm. NFS   6.Verus, 2010 Stoneware, metal 6x8,5x10,5 in. /16x22x27 cm. US$ 3000




















"Your facial expression is a reflection of your inner being" The reason I work mainly with heads is my fascination with all the feelings we have and the thoughts we think. Our feelings and thoughts are often reflected in our presence, and especially in our facial expressions. My interest in ancient Greek and Roman culture is also reflected in my work. It is a wonderful dream journey. A journey where the destination is unknown. Likely it will be somewhere in the Roman ancient history or mythology. I always start creating my works with an open mind and giving voice to my soul and inner being. I am trying to channel light and vital energy. Not caged and confined by the limits of form and design. Even the final touch of colors is unnatural, indicating that sometimes this is not a depiction from life but rather the report of a dream or hallucination. In an attempt to summarize my art I would say; Ancient influences meet modern design.