medial 3. art biennial [2010]
Plamen Yordanov-Neradu Bulgaria



1.Landmark, 2009 oil on canavas 100x68 cm. US$ 1200      2.Nude, 2010 watercolor 20x30 cm. US$ 750    3.Three Fishes on the Canavas, 2007 oil on canavas 92x73 cm. US$ 1500     4.Turbots, 2010 mixed media 100x80 cm. US$ 970













Plamen Yordanov was born in 1952. Artist is living and working in Ruse town - Bulgaria. The main interest of the artist is classic oil technique. His creative abilities extend to the genre of still life, architectural landscape and nude. Recently his interest deals with Nature and personal interpretation of different objects such as fish, bird, tree and grass. He has participated in international, national and regional shows. His art works can be viewed in galleries in Russia, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, USA and in the collections of Bulgarian National Art Gallery and Ruse Municipality Art Gallery.