medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Rosângela Scheithauer Austria



1.Orixá Oxaguian, 2008 Oil on Canvas    2.Baianas in Carnaval, 2008 Oil on Canvas     3.Orixá OxuM, 2008 Oil on Canvas      4.Saving the waters, 2008 Oil on Canvas














Rosângela Scheithauer - born in Mogi Mirim (Sao Paulo), Brazil. Lived and studied in London (England) for 10 years, 3 years in Milan (Italy) and since 1990 she has been living and working in Vienna, Austria. Her paintings have been exhibited in many countries (USA, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Canada, Mexico and Austria). “My paintings transmit all the sensibility which is expressed pictorically throughout my work. With my brushes I invite the admirer to a daydream of culture throughout my country, get to know our Indians and birds, our dances and folklore, our landscapes and people. Through my paintings I get all the freedom I need to create and express myself. They are an explosion of colours and feelings, a mixture of Brazilian temperament with European experiences. Each painting is a piece of my heart and soul. This is my art that must go on, an art which shall leave traces of my heart and soul to all those who are able to see it and feel it like I do. “