medial 3. art biennial [2009]
SS Bhatti  India



1.Eucalyptuses, 1980 Oil Pastel 22”x30” US$ 8000   2.Wild Grass, 1982 Water Color 15”x22” US$ 6000    3.Birth of Adam, 1973 Sponge & Water Color 22”x15” US$ 3000   4.Cock Fight, 1976 Poster Color 30”x22” US$ 5000   5.Rose Garden, 1971 Oil Pastel 30”x22” US$ 5000    6.Water falls, 1985 Water Color 30”x22” Not for Sale   7.Derring Do, 1998 Water Color 30”x22” US$ 10000   8.Light House, Light House 1975 Water Color 15”x11” US$ 2000


























CREATIVITY: Thematic and Mediumistic Variations / Creativity is a perennial adventure into the realm of the human spirit.
The major components of Creativity are art and craft, representing sensibility and design, and skill and dexterity, respectively. The two are interdependent in an indispensable way. Art without Craft can remain only in the area of aesthetic appreciation. Craft without Art often ends up as a juggler’s show of skill for its own sake. Creativity is a Whole, born in the contemplative commingling of Art and Craft, and transcending its two constituent parts–Art and Craft–as individual faculties/entities to move effortlessly into artistic creation which lies in the realm of significance. My work covers a wide range of themes and their variations. The subject-matter varies from landscape, religion, and mythology, etc. to abstraction, symbolism, metaphysics, etc. Depending on the theme, the material is changed to express it as aptly (and evocatively) as possible. Different kinds of painting surface such as handmade, ivory, machine-textured sheets of paper, thus come handy. Use of palette i.e. the color scheme and painting/drawing material, like gouache, water color, oil pastels, crayons, color inks, are also accordingly adapted to the content (idea) and form (expression) of the art work. Drawing and painting technique is varied to achieve the desired visual effect in terms of color and texture for the enrichment of the creative expression. I have no qualms in using equipment like brushes, pens, markers, blades, palette-knives, sand-paper, sponges--singly or in combination–-so long as I can accomplish the aim I set for myself anew every time. In certain cases, I have peeled off the handmade sheet to create such new visual effects as are not possible by using conventional techniques of painting. Since my artistic goal is to “express emotion”–-rather than “evoke emotion”–-inventiveness in technique i.e. the craft is as important as the variation of metaphor i.e. the creativity of art. To make “emotion” live perennially through my work, I inject the philosophic and the spiritual substance of my perception into whatever I paint, draw, print, and sculpt. The viewers should make a sincere attempt to discover for themselves the afore-mentioned thematic and mediumistic variations, which I regard to be the hallmark of my work as a “self-taught” artist. My education as an architect makes me feel that I have the distinct advantage of being able to see the breathtaking beauty of the landscape in the profundity of a religious, mythological, or metaphysical subject, and the elusive quality of the latter in the perennial charm of inner aesthetic of the former. My art is the mystic externalization of my deeper urges to communicate to other human beings the dear delight of my encounters with the beauty and bounty of life, nature, and the world as manifest existence.

Dr SS Bhatti, Former Principal, Chandigarh College of Architecture
3314, Sector 15-D, Chandigarh-160015 [INDIA] Phone: +91-172-2773258 [R]