medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Tamara Robertson USA



1.Meditations of the Albatross, 2008 Mixed Media 36x36x4 in.    2.Poetic Nuances of a Box, 2007 Mixed Media on Panel 60x48x6 in.     3.Ritual Sojourn of the Renegade, 2009 Concrete and Iron 52x52x4 in.     4.The Assonance of Scruples' Bane, 2008 Mixed Media 36x36x4 in.     5.The Divine Philosophy of Fusion, 2008, Mixed Media 60x60x10 in.

















Realistic to representational rendering of an object, that is portraying its outward appearance, or shape is part of the tradition of art. Likewise, creating abstractions has also been the aspiration of many artists. Often times, the goal of these works has been to translate reality as a formal device in an artistic medium.
The objective of my work is not only to use abstraction as a formal device, but to investigate how abstraction is shaped by my personal vision through the connection of my intuitive processes and formal strategies. My intent is to make use of abstraction to allow expressively elevated, poetic imagery to emerge and discover unpremeditated narratives or formal design solutions. This aim is achieved by using my invented intuitive working methods that evokes unplanned images from investigations that make use of traditional and non-traditional methods and materials. A variety of strategies from the traditions of art are employed: action painting, reductive/ minimalist approach, shaped panels/altering picture frame and plane, mixed media, digital painting/drawing, texture/industrial materials.
I am passionate about creating artwork and am relentless in my studio investigations. My approach in making art is a compilation of life experience, temperament, and visual awareness of past and present art concepts. I internalize the visual stimulation collected from visiting art museums, exhibitions, openings, performances, readings, etc. I draw upon this visual stimulation in a non-imitative way and trust myself to internalize and personalize things that strike me visually and intellectually. This information, transformed through studio investigations is called forward intuitively into my works as either formal or narrative solutions.