medial 3. art biennial [2009]
Veronika Anatolyevna NICOLAEVA  Russa



1.Blue shaman, 2002 paper, pastel, water-color 60x40 cm. US$ 2000   2.Ecstasy authority, 2006 paper, pastel, water-color 65x50 cm, NFS    3.Games of Jarmen, 2002 paper, pastel, water-color 70,5x50 cm. US$ 2500   4.Weariness from authority, 2006 paper, pastel, water-colour, 65x50 cm, NFS














Born in Saratov, Russia. Studied at the Architectural Department of the Technical Academy (a branch of the Moscow Architectural Institute MArchI). Occupation: architect. 1985: First personal exhibition of graphic works. 1988-1990: Several avant-garde exhibitions while being a member of the group Zholtaya Gora (Yellow Mountain). An exhibition of the group Zholtaya Gora in the Moscow Central House of Artists (CDCh). Participation in exhibitions in LENEXPO Exhibition Complex with other painters and art groups. Personal projects/performances with theatre groups and theatres of contact improvisation. Project of a dramatized show for the CONTI casino, theatre set design. Book and magazine illustration service (publishing house “Molodoy Petersburg”, Union of Creative Youth, publishing house “Piter”, magazines “Mir Internet”, “BYTE”). Graphic design for design studios and publishing houses. Living in Moscow since 2004. Participation in international contests of graphic design. Several graphic works bought by Russian and foreign private collectors. Projects of many performances and club shows made.

Artistic and creative credo: Visual art in all possible forms, correlation between different professions, thinking out of limits stipulated by appointed laws. “An innovation arises from the synthesis of the art laws which at first sight seem to be incompatible, but in fact they are just different viewpoints of one thing. Why do artists and critics ask themselves about fusion, interweaving or full differentiation of arts? Is it possible to speak about deep synthesis?”