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A new exhibition at Gallery B.A.I.: For Carol LaChiusa, an artist who has exhibited extensively and won numerous honors in her home state of Michigan, watercolor painting, a medium that has engaged her attention since 1971 and which she also teaches, has been well suited to her searching vision. Motivated by a lifelong fascination "with light”, La Chiusa does landscape and outdoor street and city scenes filled with meditative speculations about the phenomena of appearances. La Chiusa showcases her method in a series of watercolors based on visits made to the high desert area near Sedona, Arizona. Having the composition she wants in mind, she develops her paintings from sketches done on the spot and in the studio. La Chiusa directs the tranparency of her colors set off by bold use of white of the paper to recording in appealingly clear and admirably loose descriptions of natural forms and colors the spirit of places many visitors have discovered to have mystical properties.

1.THE OLD McCORMICH, WATERCOLOR 33 X 22 IN., Award - Scarab Club Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
Euro 2.350

2.SEDONA SUNSET, WATERCOLOR on paper 18X12 IN. View from Mesa in Arizona -plein-aire-; New York Show.

Euro 2,350

3.SAGEBRUSH, WATERCOLOR on paper 30X22 IN., Published in Encyclopedia of Living Artists 11th edition and ARTnews´98; Shown in New York Gallery B.A.T
Euro 2,350

4.GHOSTOWN, APACHE JUNCTION, WATERCOLOR 30 X 22 IN,, Old Relics are left in the desert in an old gold town in Arizona
Euro 2,350










- Watercolorist, Juror, Lecturer
- Instructor: Grosse Pointe War Memorial Since 1970
- Instructor: Art Center, ML Clemens Since 1989
- Host: “Watercolor Workshop with Carol LaChiusa” Channel 32 Since 1987

- Metropolitan Graphics, New York, New York
- Cary Gallery -Rochester, Michigan
- Troy Art Gallery - Southfield, Michigan
- Maniscalco Art Gallery, Grosse Pointe

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2000 G.P.A.A. 1st Prize Watercolor
2000 G.P.A.A. Nancy Prophit Award
2000 Scrab Watercolor Annual 2nd Prize
2000 Scarab Bugs, Buds
2000 D.S.W.P.S. Millenium
2000 D.S.W.P.S. Annual
1999 LaFemmes - D.S.W.P.S. - Art Center, Mt. Clemens
1998 Saginaw Valley State, D.S.W.P.S.
1999 Mich. Women’s Hall of Fame, D.S.W.P.S.
1998 60th Annual - G.P.A.A. Amenda Award
1998 Winter Show - Art Center, Mt. Clemens - Best of Show
1998 Scarab Club Silver Medal - 3rd Prize
1997 One-by-One Show-Art Center
1997 Ambleside Gallery- DSWPS
1997 Wayne County “Artists Ainoung Us”
1996 International Show, Port Huron
1996 Our Town, Birmingham
1996 L’art of the Season, 454 Gallery - 1St Prize
1995 “454” Show - 3rd Prize
1995 Grosse Pte. Artists Anienda Award
1995 BBAA - Spring Show
1995 Troy Art Gallery - Summer Show
1995 Silver Medal Show
1994 “454” Show
1994 DSWPS, Small Works Achievement Award
1992 Petoskey, Northern MI Snow
1990 International Flower Show
1989 Mich. Watercolor Society
1981 Indiana Winter Show
1979 Madonna - 1st Prize

1999 Ellen Kayrod Gallery
1999 Kettering University, Mich.
1997 Reception for Governor Engler
1997 Garden Show, Grosse Pointe
1996 Ashley - Chris Art Gallery
1995 Grosse Pointe War Memorial
1995 St. Clair Art Association
1989, 1991, 1993 Troy Art Gallery
1991 Crooked Tree Gallery Petoskey
1991 Lakeside Gallery
1989 Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
1983 Carriage House Gallery

2000 Fantasia, Rob. Maniscalco Gallery
1999 Museum of Port Huron, Painters Pentad
1999 Robert Maniscalco Art Gallery, G.P.Y.C.
1998 Gallery B.A.I. - New York, New York
1997 Art Reach - Painters Pentad
94 /95 1st Federal Bank, Detroit
1981 Lochmoor Country Club
1998 - 2000 President Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors
1995 - 1997 President, Grosse Pointe Arts Council
1995 - 1997 Painters Pentad
Cleveland Institute of Art Alumni Association
Artist in Residence, Grosse Pointe War Memorial
G.P.A.A, M.WC.S.
D.S.W.P.S., M.A.A.C.A.
Art Center Faculty, Channel 05
Johnstone & Johnstone Realtors, Herrud Foods
Ford Motor Co., Law and Medical Offices
CTS Advertising Agency, St. Paul on-the Lake
Sohigan Advertising Agency, Grosse Pointe Public Library
Grant Corporate Sales, Grosse Pointe War Memorial
ITA Corporation